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from presenting Julu Twine for image imaginary

some images from talk with Sunflower Aichi still pngs
(The motion on the ground floor of the installation is stopped for
the most part; the movement is particle emissions only. That way,
moire and other effects are the result solely of avatar movement -
nothing else occurs. The sky is still buzzing as ever.)

I was in IM mode with you -
No, I used the other more complex one.
It's sort of difficult for me to figure out what I'm using where -
They're very different.
I think
I think she disappeared with this animation
I can hold a pose if you want or do a slow move
you might be able to capture this? If Not, I'll go slower - at least
she is in one place here
She can hold this position
Ok, I'll try something else. The best thing I think is to capture her
while she's moving
and if you do a few images, one should come out ok
Is this useful?
What do you mean?
I can go outside into the sky and teleport you
so I should keep on typing - hold on
sometimes when I type you have the face and everything is still,
sometimes not - is this better
is this more useful when I type?
I'm tying to try and hold it still!
it's odd doing this....
I'm not sure what sort of poem she should type....
hold on
I can add text heh
fairly distorted...
perhaps useful?
hold on - is there anything you want specifically?
I haven't done that, generally she moves too quickly
will do -
should I move around the space?
ok sorry
in a minute - I like this particular movement
these few are, yes
they're still from motion capture manipulation - they just came out
this way
I'll go towards other movements now
this is about maximum speed - it depends on yor computer speed as well
this installation also take a LOT of processing which is a problem
this was pretty empty when I began -
is there anything else now?
yes, the other one I perform with
yes, hold on. I can log out and come back in with the other identity.

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