The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

notes towards the series here

you log onto the site and sometimes you'll find you're not where you think
you are

then there's an alien landscape, you're adjusting yourself (as avatar Julu

trying to find your away around, what are these things

you think these might be prims/textures/objects half-grown

not yet downloaded from the cache, but that doesn't seem likely (there's
something else going on)

but the thing's full-grown, already formed, the cache filled quickly

so it's something else, it's a re-marking of what you've already created,
an unexpected display of inscription (in other words you inscribe, the
program reinscribes)

you can always right yourself (come to an even keel) - in the meantime
you're seeing the unexpected

metaphors dangle you into another geography (say an arctic wilderness
here) - you're too tired to focus, the cold seeps through your bones

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