The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 7, 2008

in the air super cool *

many many super cool sky sphere universes turning and twisting twining
moire patterns

it's hard to move around this new another level of things and steaming
smoke roiling around a landscape which no longer remembers tethering

but you can and then you feel you have done a very accomplished movement
from you can move above and jump in

then you can jump out above

but this really is another thing you cannot have seen before because this
is a very new thing that you jump in and out and sometimes they flee from
you and embarrassment

lovely and wonderful o how brilliant

so very many high you cannot stop stepping and flying up to them and on
them sometimes and then higher

they follow you sometimes and you jump in and out and they are kindly

they are quite kindly and you look up because they have disappear and look
there they are and a surprise

a surprise there they are there intheair pngs

* a very different show now! *


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