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December 9, 2008


Maybe 1% of my life, I said, has been taken up with determining the flux
of such jeweled surfaces, determined by their boundaries, determined by
coordinates, assigned to data-files, configured by protocols. Flux is an
occasion of light and shadow. Surfaces are instantiations of such occa-
sions. Boundaries construct skeletal structures. Structures meld bound-
aries. Boundaries envelop gleams. Surfaces flow transparent flux. Jewels
emerge from gleams and flux. Transparent jewels reveal skeletal struc-
tures. Lustre flows gleam from skeletal folds and hinges. Test protocols
through hardness and cleavage. Double refraction folds colored flux of
light and shadow. Code lies in protocols. Take the code apart and there's
only code. Scrape the code and the abject gleams. Surfaces are dreams of
such occasions.

Perhaps 1% of my time on earth has subdued flux of such jeweled surfaces.
Such dirty surfaces are cleansed by scraping. Scraping dirties such jew-
eled surfaces. Such surfaces subdue my time on earth.


Amazing complex moire and idolatries within and without the exhibition
space. fac pngs 5x moire movement out near the

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