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(to see this at Odyssey, fly vertically in/near the exhibition space)

Chasing sky-spheres up above the atmosphere.
Chasing sky-spheres pushing from below (spheres have proximity sensors).
Chasing sky-spheres from within (enormous speed to nowhere).
Once up there it's nowhere, it all appears the same.
Appears equivalent or perhaps identical.
Whatever it is remains exact in appearance to others slightly below.
Then below, there is no below, or what there is is categorized by number.
Categorized by single number, that is what is interpreted as 'height.'
As 'height' by human interpreter in dialog through or within an avatar.
I haven't determined whether out of world is vertical as well.
If it's vertical, sky-spheres will disappear if they're pushed.
If they're pushed too much, and all that work goes out the window.
Goes out the screen or above the screen or beyond the screen.
Anyway out of sight, if not out of mind.
Sometimes to be returned, sometimes not.
Then Julu Twine has fun even falling the long way down.
Julu Twine does land on her feet.
S/he always beats the spheres (they're still up there, s/he's not).
S/he always leaves, when s/he leaves, they're left behind.
They're left behind, the prey's always left behind, they fall.
Slowly like snowflakes they fall, like feathers they fall.
They fall because they're lonely and when s/he leaves they fall.
When s/he's back. s/he sees them from a distance.
They're back! they're back! they're back!
Perhaps this time, s/he'll stay away...

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