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Cradled Cone and Mocap Dance Symbolic

Change in the air, towards metaphoric content: Foofwa d'Imobilite and
Kira Sedlock within Gary Manes' altered motion capture system operated
by Azure Carter and Alan Sondheim. These ride above the ruined hands
of a West Virginia mummy within a cone cradled by the same. Everywhere
there are Poser image particles as usual; what occurs is a metaphoric
atmosphere, muted and reduced 3-d sememe.

Weakening is always implied by the construct or rearrangement of the
mythological 'book of nature,' which is a priori unread and unreadable.
Weakening is an insertion of the symbolic; deconstruction is the prying-
away of the same. Deconstruction of deconstruction is meaning. If I add,
I am makar, in harmony, creating poetics. If I create a poetics I am
already inscribing. If I am inscribing, I am transforming from shifter
back into body. The deconstruction of the deconstruction of the body is
the meaning of the body. Weakening is thinking about all of this. Even
in virtual worlds, weakening is this thinking implied by careful arrange-
ment. Careful arrangement implies inscribing if not writing, writing if
not reading, fabulous matrix of the writer. Think for a moment of an
inscribing which is not (formally) performative; create a distinction.
Then this inscribing is a weakening among the (formally or potentially)
informative. (Unless potential performance is always of the mind and
kinetic performance is always of the body.) Think of the weakening of a
species of theory in an account of weakening, as if something is being
released (nothing is being released). Think what this species of thinking
might or might not do.


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