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(Hittite 'water')

After repeated crashes of Second Life last night - six of them counting
the minimization of the non-window GUI - the land didn't load in the
exhibition space - finally the watar world was revealed to the fullest
extent. I only wish I might have built in such a domain; if you clear
your cache and jump to the site, you might see the same. In the meantime
my sound was cauterized, my voice was muted, my ears were deafened with
silence, and only the visual emerged, but what a beauty! - as I pack up
the HP desktop with its wounded Vista operating system, sending it into
retreat while unknown technicians attempt to restore everything - which
means eliminating all the programs and tweaking I did (no, that wasn't
the problem), trying to make the OS behave like any organism (much less
human) would like it to... I keep returning to these watar-worlds which
imply something beneath the surface of our own skin, an ocean already
gone, unknown, but originary in terms of our own lives and those of any-
thing on the planet. Anything, or anyone, in and out of water, replete
with nutrients, waiting our arrival - watar jpgs and

(Ah me, I need something other than this poetry to sustain me...)

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