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December 21, 2008

amazing images of architecture and body

again changes in Julu's appearance matching hir relationship with
the artificial natural order in the midst of the natural artificial
order in Second Life, perhaps a portrait will appear there as well.

a portrait appears there as well. thigh jpgs

portraits and architectures, coptic.
uterine tubes, machines, hydraulics.
harmonic resonances, damping factors.
wall portraits, cartouche, forced resonance, harmonic modes,
wave-trains, E- and B-fields, sarcophagi, aerial maelstrom.

hi, I got your email from a mutual friend
lets chat sometimeut your projects!
Im going to get naked for youn P
I will do anything you want me to 2
You can chat with me on
before the Ne

'I must continue to invent before invention, discover before discov-
ery, create before creation, enumerate before protocol

rain before weather, wind before atmosphere, ground before earth-
quake, time before enumeration, space before protocol.'

before the mourning, tomorrow, yesterday after the fall of night
fall and failure of the night
towers and tunnels of transparent luminosity

objects falling through objects, lines through lines, sheaves through
sheaves and sheaves.

new sheave-skins on the mourning shift.
new skins on the battlement of the night.

of the induction coil, the collapse.
of the B-field, the enormity and production. and in this space,
are power, are you, are me;
and in these, are words, woods, worlds.

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