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men wreck
Script started on Wed Dec 24 11:33:56 2008
$ dark the dismal angels sing
/usr/local/bin/ksh: dark: not found
$ nothing shelters birds take wing
/usr/local/bin/ksh: nothing: not found
$ meat turns creatures into stew
/usr/local/bin/ksh: meat: not found
$ paralleled by verbal spew
/usr/local/bin/ksh: paralleled: not found
$ the human age has long since gone
/usr/local/bin/ksh: the: not found
$ gone are creatures. gone their spawn.
/usr/local/bin/ksh: are: not found
$ words and worlds collapse on earth
/usr/local/bin/ksh: words: not found
$ we're living in an afterbirth
> ^C
$ we're living in an afterdeath
> ^C
$ the world is wide its damaged girth
/usr/local/bin/ksh: the: not found
$ promises one last long breath
/usr/local/bin/ksh: promises: not found
$ it's gray out and these holidays
> ^C
$ oppress us with our human ways
/usr/local/bin/ksh: oppress: not found
$ up in the sky another earth
/usr/local/bin/ksh: up: not found
$ shudders, stops, and then give birth
/usr/local/bin/ksh: shudders,: not found
$ some other creature stumbles out
/usr/local/bin/ksh: some: not found
$ some other nature comes about
/usr/local/bin/ksh: some: not found
$ and vomits something from a den
/usr/local/bin/ksh: vomits: not found
$ the cycle then begins again
/usr/local/bin/ksh: the: not found
$ exit
Script done on Wed Dec 24 11:40:40 2008

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