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December 25, 2008


faltering because falling through black-space
in and out of black space
doing the avatar dance faltering while falling
"The joy the avatar brings to the world's cold winter is the joy of
weatherless dance and limbs akimbo."
doing the avatar dance and weathering the world outside
which is characterized by inclemency, immobility, dissolution of all
sustenance that humans hold good
"Creatures are nourished within themselves in innocence, and it is
this nourishment which parallels the other."
faltering because every step topples every other
there are infinite normal modes in a linear system with longitudinal
waves composed of equally-spaced and weighted spheres, and for all
purposes, from avadance to avasound, these normal modes are not
they exist in irrational relationships to one another
the boundary conditions might or might not be equivalent
any ongoing configuration of the nodes under any excitation except
for null excitation never returns to any particular state; each
state appears once, each state is defined by dx/dt and the very
characterization of a state is problematic
not to mention the issue of noise in the system for we are
considering an ideal system, one formed within the geodesics,
coordinates, and matrices, not to mention multi-dimensional arrays
and indices, not to mention noise among the indices as they
increase perhaps infinitely
"The state is constituted by flux, porous and fuzzy boundaries,
and avadance is a just response to the very condition of the
state, which cannot catch a fleeing avatar."
Kira Sedlock: "Avadance is what I call what we do when we dance
like avatars, but how do avatars dance?"
Azure Carter: "They are always in flight."
Foofwa d'Imobilite: "Aren't we all."
not to mention the irregular lines of flight or chreods which only
appear to follow trajectories, but within these multi-dimensional
manifolds, anything goes, you never know what is crossing what, or
what will take you where
virtual solid manifolds possess the potential energy of faltering
they exist in irrational relationships to one another, in other
words they hardly have any reason within the space for appearing
as-such or perhaps hardly any reason without the space as well,
that is, outside the space or within the space of the presencing
of the space within.
but of course there are reasons, and reasons and reasons, and one
might as well think of avadance as that surplus which has nothing
to do with any of this, faltering on the high-beam or uneven bars,
for example, not exactly anything anyone would want to do
but there are crowds and audiences anyone may learn avadance
Maud Liardon: "Do you say 'learn avadance' or 'learn to avadance'?"
or falter, that's what one might do in these occasions
what occasions if not all occasions
that's the kink in the chain that brings it back to the start,
here is a faltering avadancer as sutured knot, closing the manifold
all over again
Alan Sondheim: "Avadancers never falter."
they never falter because escape the halter, they ought to totter:
they come to greet hir: avadance
on the way down: avadance
on the way up: avadance
suturing with needle and thread, not here, not there, avadancer!
open the manifolds: avadancer!
falter failure: avadancer!
s/he's out of here here.
they're out of here.

Kira says hello.

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