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December 29, 2008

cancel session

1. new rotation parameters added to skysphere universes
2. a texture image of black spheres in blue sky added to inventory
3. texture image from #2 added to black skyspheres
4. Julu Twine body parameters modified and 'penis' attachment moved
5. particle script added to attachment with ring particles
6. ring particle script altered for sky-writing
7. Julu Twine practice sky-writing sessions with dual particle spews
8. texture image of Julu Twine #4 added to inventory
9. image #8 added either to skysphere interiors or exteriors
10. exhibition space skysphere modified
11. exhibition space avatar sensor changed to image #8
12. skysphere color background and transparencies changed
13. documentation of sky-writing, body, and skyspheres: cancel pngs below
14. documentation of Julu Twine body-work in process: cancel mp4 below
15. some internal light sources added cancel pngs - 1 to 19

someday someone will look at these and think here is a documentation that
lasts perhaps eight months - an installation constantly undergoing change
in a manner that suggests perhaps psychoanalytical mathemes or a journey
early on, into the creation and inhabitation of alien worlds. or perhaps
suggestion of nothing more than an 'unhealthy obsession' as if worlds had
only the potential for extractive industries, and those for only a brief
time before things came to a head, the flattening of mountains on neutron
stars for example. in any case i realized a simple fact-germane today -
that i will know neither or sun the day after my death - and this sent me
once more into weeping and the suffering of weeping, as if these creations
tottered on an unnameable brink, and what would that be, what would that
be ...


making of suicide hieroglyph
construct of last poem signifier ever
day of julu twine death and resurrection
double pens in blood and image

i want to do this for you but you may not find a place
to stand next to me. and what a meaningless performance
which is its strength. 'strengths' is the longest word
in english with a single vowel. or so i believe! and it
is one of the strengths of this piece that 'strengths'
is embodied in the very movements of julu twine, which
are in turn embodied in a series of still and moving

when i finished inkblood i didn't know
that ink would flow like that, or glow
beneath the water, like so much slaughter.
julu's entwined in symbols, caught in words
mute with movement, so many token herds
on the way to slaughter, beneath the water.
every symbol tends towards awkward breath
forgetting birth and on the way to death
beneath the water, escaping certain slaughter.
beyond their slaughter, breath of glowing words
beneath the water, death of knowing herds.

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