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banging into it

I keep banging into the thing and the thing doesn't move.
where could the thing move. the thing couldn't move.
s/he pushes hir desire to the limit of WRYTHING.
WRYTHING = WRYTING where the push goes.
to inscribe = to PUSH.
in/scribe = into the BODY no matter where it is.
what the substance is where BODY = NO MATTER.
doesn't everyone memorize inscription?
PUSH it in but first create a clearing: s/he WRYTES at night.
it is at night that the words glow and PUSH into the sky.
in a SECOND LIFE: PUSH into a sky that does not PUSH back.
ah it is only a matter of reason suspended in the middle of the air!
ah it is only a matter of the reason of dropping fruit!
it is a matter of the fruit!

I am writing this: "I WRYTE myself into existence.
I am writing this: "I WRYTE myself out of existence."

a couple is sitting next to me PUSHING into each other, WRYTING
each other, the compact of the GYFT, mutual INSCRIPTION, let me
de/scribe their HAND. it is in the AYRE which does not PUSH BACK
not yet, it is a matter of time, it is a MATTER between them,
they help each other into their COATS, it is cold out, they need
warmth and then leaving and behind them passing on.

where could the thing move? where do they WRYTHE?

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