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January 8, 2009

incomplete generation

Yamantaka texturing in new internal skysphere.
Rotations of every object accomplished.
Buddhist generation noted.
Dojoji generation noted.
Dojoji completion noted.
Buddhist completion noted.
Dojoji generates Dojoji.
Generation redux.
Completion redux.
Samsara occlusion noted.
Mindfulness noted.
Julu Twine noted and emptiness occlusion.
Emptiness generation.
Extended occlusion of generation.
Extended occlusion of completing.
"I have worked on this installation for eight months.
Or thereupon eight months.
I do not dream in virtual prims.
My dreams are more real than real.
My dreams = generation.
My dreams = occlusion."
The interior = occlusion.
The interior = opaque = Brewster angle.
Within remains within.
Within = emptiness = Yamantaka.
"There are times I am sickened by this continuous
I desire to move on to something else.
My desire = completion.
Completion = occlusion = emptiness.
This condition without mindfulness is 'defuge.'
I am within the generation-occlusion of defuge."
This is crash-occlusion.
Second Life forbidden entry.
Or entry only into the Visible of Samsara.
No movement, no thing, no completion.
Occlusion generation.
To be sure occlusion generation.
Everything from the outside.
Everything visible = potential of being-visible.
Yamantaka invisible from the outside.
Outside = here.
Inside = nowhere.
"It's as if things might be accomplished, but then,
it's clear nothing happens, the interior of the
world remains = is = opaque, obdurate. It's not
that nothing's there, it's that there's nothing."
Generation = game.
Completion = ontology.
Completion = no ontology.
"What of it."
From the outside = everything visible.
"It's as if there's no interior."
"It's as if there's no barrier, it's all the same."
From the inside, opaque.
"It's as if there's no exterior."
"There's nothing else."
"Yamantaka, you mean, there's nothing else, not
even that?"
Yamantaka = generation.
From the outside everything incomplete.
= all things incomplete.
= the game continues.
= there's no game.
"And so forth, sophistry, let the image carry
weight of something inconceivable, complete or
incomplete, no difference, no differance."

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