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January 15, 2009

when the meet

when they dance for joy

when they meet up here there is an offering each makes to the other, but
neither can procure touch; everything revolves around, resolves within,
the lineage of sight, citation, site. sight, citation, site = permissions
= property, intellectual, flesh, sheave-skin. what might be traded might
be taken back. what is given is never lost.

what happens is that they take time to load and sometimes the clothing -
julu's contraptions for example - don't load - s/he appears naked 'in the
ordinary sense' - dojoji without the apparatus on the other hand has no
organ at all. what happens when they meet - they remain at a distance -
nothing touches - there's nothing there to touch, nothing there to do the
touching - this is called an 'encounter,' this might be called 'intimacy.'

the sinusoidl delineates bounded spatial regions of avatar and particle
movement; the regions fade out and change dimensions in a highly trigono-
metric way.
arena of skulls and faces
julu twine and aylan dojoji on first encounter;
julu is surrounded by her veils which generally glow.
another view from below; avatars look through each
other in encounters, much as humans do.
reverse view. these organs don't fit; everything
and nothing is visual, which is granted primacy:
'beneath the sign of vision' - 'beneath the visible
aylan dojoji naked without prosthesis which has yet
to appear after login: the waiting body, vertically
aylan dojoji with prosthesis attached; this is a
night revealing the bottom of the sea, diluted and
abstracted landscape.
ode to joy after encounter: aylan dojoji dances
alone according to the thrustext biovision hierarchy
file; julu twine is nearby.
julu twine without hir contraption; this conception-
body has been hidden by the veils. this is shortly
after logon, before the veils have had a chance to
julu twine with full veil regalia, performing in
intermediate space between sea and land and air,
representations thereof.
groupings of parallelopipeds: the white box
contains aylan dojoji moving according to motion-
capture bvh files; the particle emissions are
bounded and grouped as well. the white box
changes shape, reflecting the avatar movement -
the blue boxes move and fade out, following their
particle groupings.
short video of boxes in motion.

For upcoming Arena NW(101,65,37) installation in Second Life:

1. Dropping those objects which have been taken - piled, flight: every-
thing flees, there's always clear space.
2. Physical objects: non-phantom, but dropped, held in position, but
whatever for?
3. Something tawdry, indigestible.
4. Flight to such a degree that they soon tunnel out of site (for most
settings), head out of world - the site has to be _tended,_ constantly
refurbished. Tended = a tendency to _disappear._
5. To work on _inpenetrable_ sound.
6. To work on transparent non-phantom objects: another position.
7. Intensities as things meld into one another - in the form of a debris
8. Debris field = Gaza-slaughter. (title?)

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|,, tel US 718-813-3285

This should be widely distributed...

- Alan

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Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 14:36:15 +0200
From: Michael Gurstein <>
Subject: [cracin-discussion] New Study on Internet Pedators by Berman Center

Study finds few Internet predators
By Brad Stone
Published: January 14, 2009

The Internet may not be such a dangerous place for children after all.

A task force created by 49 U.S. state attorneys general to look into the
problem of sexual solicitation of children online has concluded that
there really is not a significant problem. The findings run counter to
popular perceptions of online dangers as reinforced by depictions in the

I arise early in the morning, after four hours' sleep, which is never
enough for Chanticleer; later, I will sleep off everything again - most
likely in the midst of the afternoon. Then my repose enters those vast
uncharted realms that every Sleeper fears; I never return as I left, but
in turmoil. My subterfuge is literature; prose lends me its hand when
times and style perfect their moment of truth. Otherwise, prose envelops
with difficulty and lassitude, and I am returned, repeatedly, to the
hustle and bustle of everyday life, a state tending towards more and
greater nightmares and visitations. As you move through your daylight
hours of relative tranquility, you might think of me, fighting with
demons, and never a good fight; it takes energy and acumen I no longer
have, to keep them all at bay.

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Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 12:43:35 -0800
From: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory <>
To: "" <>
Subject: Socializing on Mars


January 15, 2009

Socializing on Mars

After five groundbreaking years exploring the Red Planet, the
communications engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory pretty much
know what they are getting when another downlink from Spirit or
Opportunity arrives. They know that with a typical transmission comes
about 10 megabits of engineering data, another 4 megabits of science
data, and around 26 megabits of images. They also realize that after the
information is amassed and analyzed by the rovers' science teams that the
most unique, scientifically exciting of that compiled data will be
released via peer-reviewed papers, articles, science briefings and press

To date, literally thousands of rover images have been analyzed and
discussed in detail. But the rovers have sent back about a
quarter-million images. NASA decided this incongruity could be best
addressed by making every single Mars rover image available to all who
were interested -- and had Internet access.

Access to all that imagery brought the thrill of exploration to people
around the world in a way never envisioned before the rovers began to
roam the Red Planet. Now, the Mars Exploration Rovers have new life on
the likes of "Second Life," "YouTube," online forums like
"," and the social networking site "Facebook."

Like the majority of college students today, Keri Bean knows the ins and
outs of Facebook. But the Texas A&M student did her Earth-based
socializing peers one planet better when she opened a page for the Mars
Rovers. "If I had to chose, I would say I like Spirit better," said the
20 year-old meteorology major from College Station, Texas. "She's had to
work for everything. Opportunity gets a major discovery handed to her by
landing nearly on top of it, but Spirit's had to work hard for everything
she gets."

Bean started her Mars Rovers Facebook page to keep a few of her friends
in the loop on what's happening up there on the Red Planet. She populated
it with rover information and updates when she could find time. To her
surprise, the rovers' friends list began to grow well beyond her goal of
"a few friends." Then one day, she got a new friend that changed

"Steve Squyres, the scientist in charge of both of the rovers, messaged
me and said he liked my site," said Bean. "I knew then I had to get

Bean and the Mars Rovers now have almost 1,700 online friends from as far
away as Norway and New Zealand. Her (or their, depending how you look at
it), page includes links to interesting articles about the rovers,
images, sometimes a heads-up about upcoming documentaries and even some
first-person dialogue between Mars' roving twosome.

"I do not have a lot of time this semester, but I try to check it once a
day," said Bean. "It is all about reaching out to people who would
normally not pay attention."

If Bean's Facebook page is for those with short Martian attention spans,
Doug Ellison of the United Kingdom has put together a Web site for those
with an insatiable appetite. Ellison has been interested in the Red
Planet ever since NASA/JPL's first scrappy Mars rover, Pathfinder, roved
the Martian surface back in 1997.

"Mars grabbed me in an unhealthy way," quipped Ellison, the United
Kingdom-based Web czar of "Just on the fringe of

In those days, Ellison was reading everything he could on the journey of
Pathfinder. Then, in February 2004, while Mars rovers Spirit and
Opportunity were still under factory warranty, and after his day job,
Ellison used imaging software to "stitch" his first Mars panorama from a
collection of raw images from the JPL Web site:

Like Bean, Ellison had "no ambition or expectation" other than impressing
himself and a few friends. But then a few more friends took an interest
in his nascent Web site, and then a few more. Ellison's site -- -- was slowly being colonized with people with a
serious jonesing for all things deep in deep space exploration.

"Our membership includes a care worker for the elderly here in the U.K.
to a teacher in North Wales to a government employee in California," said
Ellison. "In London, I recently met for the first time someone I had
known through the Web site for four years. There were no "getting to know
you" pleasantries. Straight off the bat it was right into a detailed,
in-depth, insightful discussion about something ridiculously

Online discussions of spacecraft and mission science are only a small
part of's allure to the truly space geeky. The
majority of the site, and its appeal, is dedicated to those stark and
beautiful and sometimes puzzling images coming down from Spirit and
Opportunity each and every day.

"Our members share results from stitching together rover images and
working with those images," said Ellison. "Say Opportunity does a long
drive. We download those pictures from the rover Web site. Somebody will
make a mosaic from the imagery taken at the end of the drive. Somebody
else will keep the route map up to date to show where Opportunity has
been. Somebody else will then stitch together the next mosaic and have
the full mosaic all together and then keep track of what the following
day's activities are going to be."

All this pro-bono, unofficial fine-tuning of rover imagery by the members
of the forum has been recognized by some very
official members of the aerospace and science media. Their work has made
the cover of Aviation Week and Space Technology and Spaceflight and even
been featured in NASA's own "Astronomy Picture of the Day" Web site:

As proud as Ellison is of his site's contributions to promoting the
rovers and their stories, he is just as proud about how they can band
together to police some of the more inimitable Mars storylines. With over
1,700 forum contributors surfing the internet, Mars stories that seem a
little -- or a lot -- out of whack, are quickly identified. Like the one
where numerous major media outlets began discussing the possibility of a
Martian Sasquatch making an unscheduled appearance in a Spirit image.

"We took the story and quickly ripped it apart just by using the facts,"
said Ellison. "Some members worked out how far the "Sasquatch" was from
the rover when the image was taken and calculated it was about the size
of a packet of cigarettes. One of our posters did a brilliant job of
taking the mosaic that the image came from and demonstrating how so many
of the rocks in it could appear to look like something else."

Of course, not all Mars rover imagery that makes its way into the public
consciousness is meant to be taken seriously (we think). Like Madison
Avenue's pitch for an adult beverage that puts a new angle on the search
for life in our solar system -- available for viewing on YouTube at: Or a brace of commercials
where both Mars rovers and their mission controllers meet their
intellectual superiors on the Martian surface, also available for viewing
on YouTube at:
C3&playnext=1&index=98 . Or the hilarious "Mars: 2020: Springtime"
( ) where multiple aspiring
Mars landers meet an ignominious fate, much to the chagrin of local

"Like any travel adventure, a big part of the fun is sharing the
experience with family and friends back home," said John Callas, Mars
Exploration Rover project manager at JPL. "For five years now, it has
been very rewarding to see the fascination -- and the love -- for the
rovers that runs deep and knows no international boundaries. And as many
ways as we can find to share the experience of exploring Mars, we now
know that many out in the general public will find even more ways to
enrich the whole experience for everyone."

The story could end here, but this is about how those outside of NASA
have managed to place Mars within their own sphere of influence. So in
conclusion, the words of someone who took Mars and ran with it.

"People like me get to see a little bit of Mars that no one has ever seen
before," said Ellison. "The downlink of the imagery from the rovers is an
entirely automated process. So, it might be 2 a.m. in Pasadena (home of
JPL) when images come down but it is lunchtime here. I can see the images
before the scientists do. To be able to ride along every single day on
that adventure, sometimes you have to kind of shake your head in
disbelief that you are seeing something that nobody has ever seen

For more information about NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers, visit us on
the web at: .


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This is really wonderful - I loved the kilometer-high drawing! - alan

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From: DC Spensley <>


DanCoyote Antonelli:

The avatar DanCoyote was created as the proxy for David �DC� Spensley in 
the virtual world of Second Life. The name DanCoyote is derived from 
Cervantes� Don Quixote and in honor of a coyote that Joseph Beuys lived 
with for a time at the Ren� Block Gallery in New York during his 1974 
action, �I like America and America Likes Me�.

DanCoyote�s costume is intended to be simple and low bandwidth, placing 
the emphasis on work outside of the avatar. Each detail of DanCoyote�s 
garb, however, has significance. Yellow and black are high visibility 
colors and also the official colors of the City of San Francisco. The gold 
bands on his arms and legs symbolize a release from the bonds of gravity 
and physicality. The wand in the left hand is called a �caduceus�, which 
refers to the transformational nature of the Greek god Hermes. Caduceus 
.03 is also a one of a kind virtual tool, custom programmed to project 
commands to metamorphosize objects and installations from a distance.

DC Spensley

An alumni of the San Francisco Art Institute, DC Spensley has lived and 
worked in Northern California since 1986. Spensley wears the hat of 
writer, director, cinematographer, composer, performance artist and most 
recently has appeared as the avatar DanCoyote Antonelli in the virtual 
reality simulation of Second Life. While most people jealously guard their 
pseudonymity inside this alternate reality, Spensley attempts parity in 
both worlds and has exhibited internationally at the ZeroOne/ISEA 
conference in 2006, the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival 2006 and Ars 
Electronica 2007.

About the work on exhibition at ARENA:

I call this grouping "Recent Retrospective" because it contains art from 
different bodies of my work done in the last three years as an artist in 
residence in the virtual world.

Most prominent is the nearly kilometer tall assembly entitled "Drawing". 
Drawing is neither a drawing or a sculpture, but is rather a conceptual 
tongue and cheek reference to both kinds of artifact that ironically 
cannot exist in simulated space. Drawing informs viewers about scale in 
the virtual world in a way unlike most constructions found in SL by 
negating the figurative context and pointing out the "avatar powers" of a 
viewer. This encourages a viewer to become more aware of their 
configuration options and invites the viewer realize a new level of 
proficiency in experiencing simulated space. The mute monoliths animate 
glacially, too slow for the eye to perceive and foreground a sense of the 
volume of space displaced by the work. Viewers take a chair conveyance 
available at the "Drawing" sign which carries them up to a vantage point 
high about the sim.

Also on display:

"Pixel Board", a binary feedback social sculpture. Viewers click squares 
on the smaller panel and this input appears as output on the larger 
display, which is then visible from a great distance. Pixel Board explores 
the social urge to leave graffiti, but in a one-bit, black and white icon 

"Mutant Hossies". These three weird quasi-horse artworks are remediations 
of a classic sculptural form and displayed like bronze statues on marble 
platforms. They are a "mashup", or reworking of an original horse 
sculpture give away free by Second Life artist Nomasha Syaks. Mutant 
Hossies have embedded scripting that causes subtle animations to play that 
support the fanciful variation of horse depicted.

"Tomb Maze" Tomb Maze uses embedded reflexive scripting to create a 
tomb-like maze that people are encouraged to navigate their avatar 
through. The maze is possible. It does take some patience, so there is 
always the chance an impatient avatar might become trapped and need to 
find other means of escape!

"Very Silly Militude" is not what it seems. Very Silly Militude 
characterizes the quality of verissimilitude superficially. But when set 
to midnight, a viewer walking through will see light cast in unusual ways. 
The exterior layer of the work is a deliberate misdirection and while it 
appears to be about the movement of heavy objects in space, it is really 
about the way light is occluded by them.

Thanks for viewing!

David "DC" Spensley is DanCoyote in SL

Concurrent with the New Media Caucus panel Space: The New Frontier at the 
National CAA 2009, �@� is an exhibition that examines space and site.

With simultaneous locations in Los Angeles and Second Life (SL), �@�challenges 
artists to consider place & placelessness from within the context of networked 

The physical gallery space will be replicated within SL, featuring an actual 
window between the virtual and real worlds to observe and be observed.

The exhibition space will feature a floor-to-ceiling projection and a streaming 
video camera.  This wall will serve as the interface between the Real Life (RL) 
in the gallery and its replication in Second Life.

The intent for �@� is to exploit the philosophically rich mirroring between RL 
and SL, as well as the paradoxical condition of being the observer and 


Three aspects to the show will be curated separately but are expected to 
connect conceptually:

1) installation in RL: a heterotopic space - "other space" or "alt space"� that 
contains the projection from SL and that can be modeled in SL.  The artist is 
not responsible for creating the SL model.

2) video  screenings:   works concerning space and place vis-�-vis RL and SL. 
These works will be screened in an adjacent space in RL and streamed in SL

3) works based in SL that may cross RL boundaries. Objects and performances 
originating in SL that consider and make use of the synergistic interplay of 
RL/SL localities. Work may exist in either or both spaces.

Exhibition site: Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles, 
CA, and Seventh Eye in Second Life.

Installation will take place at the end of February


- Works may be in any medium. ( submissions must be web links)
- Physical works MAY be reproduced in the SL space.
- Please consider the exhibition context and propose new and existing works 
that fit this hybrid space.
- Links to high compression downloadable quicktime are recommended, suggested 
length is 3-5 minutes.
- The gallery is approximately 20' x 60' (detailed diagram available upon 

Deadline: January 26

Please send proposals or documentation links to:
On Jan 15, 2009, at 11:12 AM, Alan Sondheim wrote:

> - This is amazing - please send me a description and I'll send it out to 
> various lists etc. I particularly like the drawing which seems unique to me 
> and the aesthetics are incredible. - thanks, Alan
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