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when the meet

when they dance for joy

when they meet up here there is an offering each makes to the other, but
neither can procure touch; everything revolves around, resolves within,
the lineage of sight, citation, site. sight, citation, site = permissions
= property, intellectual, flesh, sheave-skin. what might be traded might
be taken back. what is given is never lost.

what happens is that they take time to load and sometimes the clothing -
julu's contraptions for example - don't load - s/he appears naked 'in the
ordinary sense' - dojoji without the apparatus on the other hand has no
organ at all. what happens when they meet - they remain at a distance -
nothing touches - there's nothing there to touch, nothing there to do the
touching - this is called an 'encounter,' this might be called 'intimacy.'

the sinusoidl delineates bounded spatial regions of avatar and particle
movement; the regions fade out and change dimensions in a highly trigono-
metric way.
arena of skulls and faces
julu twine and aylan dojoji on first encounter;
julu is surrounded by her veils which generally glow.
another view from below; avatars look through each
other in encounters, much as humans do.
reverse view. these organs don't fit; everything
and nothing is visual, which is granted primacy:
'beneath the sign of vision' - 'beneath the visible
aylan dojoji naked without prosthesis which has yet
to appear after login: the waiting body, vertically
aylan dojoji with prosthesis attached; this is a
night revealing the bottom of the sea, diluted and
abstracted landscape.
ode to joy after encounter: aylan dojoji dances
alone according to the thrustext biovision hierarchy
file; julu twine is nearby.
julu twine without hir contraption; this conception-
body has been hidden by the veils. this is shortly
after logon, before the veils have had a chance to
julu twine with full veil regalia, performing in
intermediate space between sea and land and air,
representations thereof.
groupings of parallelopipeds: the white box
contains aylan dojoji moving according to motion-
capture bvh files; the particle emissions are
bounded and grouped as well. the white box
changes shape, reflecting the avatar movement -
the blue boxes move and fade out, following their
particle groupings.
short video of boxes in motion.

For upcoming Arena NW(101,65,37) installation in Second Life:

1. Dropping those objects which have been taken - piled, flight: every-
thing flees, there's always clear space.
2. Physical objects: non-phantom, but dropped, held in position, but
whatever for?
3. Something tawdry, indigestible.
4. Flight to such a degree that they soon tunnel out of site (for most
settings), head out of world - the site has to be _tended,_ constantly
refurbished. Tended = a tendency to _disappear._
5. To work on _inpenetrable_ sound.
6. To work on transparent non-phantom objects: another position.
7. Intensities as things meld into one another - in the form of a debris
8. Debris field = Gaza-slaughter. (title?)

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