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January 17, 2009

these are good, great, i don't havemuch to say about them, they'll have to
carry their own weight, that's difficult perhaps for you to receive them
in this mannewr, used, as you might be, to receivethem with explanation,
description,at least theory, that's here somewhere, but there are so many
now, it would be impossible, at least with this group, to do more than
present them, hope you view at least a )few) - then draw your own
conclusions, the reign of production is constant here, i'm just preparing
these as a 'new batch' - you understand, at least with this batch, the
primacy of the visual, notalways though, sometimes hardly at all - the
theoretical takes over - but these have so many small or large themes,
mpomments, concepts, what have you - so they might stand on their own, but
replete, fecund, too much, too many, sdefuge sets in and then there's just
one more image, the fnal image you'll see before you'r exhausted, and it's
)that_ image that entrances you that you'll remember.. -

blood mud crud stud dud cud bud spud pud
rudder sputter shudder mutter putter rutter gutter
clutter butter shutter cutter flutter slutter
stutter rutter
blooder mudder crudder studder dudder cudder
budder spudder pudder
bloot mut crut stut dut cut but sput put camera shakiness produces particle spew
double mapping between camera-quake and spew-quake
bloodh.png: caught in the act join me

(I have an installation forthcoming 1/23-1/25 at Uqbar in Second Life,
details forthcoming as well.)

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