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January 18, 2009

vents and vestments vent png series

Perhaps I am too modest in my literary vestments, as if I promised nothing
but moribund psychedelia for the purpose of entertainment or vision. I
believe neither in vision nor spirit, and what you see is pretty much all
there is, philosophical scaffolding notwithstanding. In these instances
for example, an artificial topography is imposed on the 4-dimensional
manifold that constitutes Second Life, since behaviors and other dynamic
actions are equally susceptible under the law and lien of scripts. Here
are simulacra of vents or smokers, and true to form, the emissions spew
from somewhere beneath the surface, within a sea best described as _blue
filter, details falling off, surface ripplings, and refractions as such
apparently move in a windless, airless, spiritless sky._ Filtration, as
anyone with sunglasses knows, gives magic to the world, eliminating the
everyday, as if emphasis were the result of fecundity, not reduction.

Now, here, nothing is promised, no premise, but that of the _index_ which,
as governor or government, governs all things, all processes, all splayed
and displayed solids, liquids, gases, and plasmas, such as are reconsti-
tuted in the virtual environment of Second Life.

As the poet Thomas Holley Chivers says,

Like two spirits in one being,
   Were our souls, dear Isadore!
Every object singly seeing--
In all things, like one, agreeing
   In those halcyon days of yore.
We shall live so in our being
   Up in Heaven, dear Isadore!

There have been so many of the variety of _amanuensis,_ from Jennifer and
Julu to Nikuko, from Doctor Leopold Konninger and Travis to Aylan, from
Clara through Honey - and all of the many other emanants who have given
time and space, duty and behavior, to what may only be considered a use-
less or quixotic enterprise. And how lonely the 'only' in that sentence,
an isolated fabrication, meaningless to the deepest degree, _only_ imbued
what what we can bring to it! If this were not spirit, nothing is; if this
is spirit, nothing _is._


New baseground audio in the place. New particle spews. Invisible objects.
Non-phantom objects. New ground clearance. New ground clearance in the
center of the sphere. New obdurate object movement. New inert objects. New
skysphere removal and new spheres. New vocalizations. New grit. New organs
and tissues. New membranes and interiors. New conical objects. New object

New thing = nothing. New navigation and negotiation. New flight-paths and
walkways. New getting around things. New vertical panoramas. New prepara-
tions. New obsessions and couplings. New defuge and decouplings.

New because it can't be old. New because it can't be boring. New because
it can't look the same. New because it can't be static. New because +. New
because + = attraction. New because + = innovative beauty. New because
beauty = decay. hare png series

New because I want you to go to the place. New because I want you to go to
the place again. New because worlds transform if given half a chance. New
because texts transform if given the other half a chance. New because
venture = non-capital. New because capital = non-capital. New because this
is all I have to offer. New because this is all I have. New because I
don't have this.

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