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January 21, 2009

musarorua gnp txt + files

gpj.10musarorua gpj.20musarorua gpj.30musarorua gpj.40musarorua
gpj.50musarorua gpj.60musarorua 3pm.10gnoseruza 3pm.20gnoseruza
3pm.30gnoseruza 3pm.40gnoseruza 3pm.50gnoseruza 3pm.60gnoseruza
3pm.70gnoseruza gnp.1regnad gnp.2regnad gnp.3regnad gnp.4regnad
gnp.5regnad gnp.6regnad gnp.7regnad gnp.8regnad 3pm.nialpatled gnp.1coof
gnp.2coof gpj.10nawfoof gpj.20nawfoof gpj.30nawfoof gpj.40nawfoof
gpj.50nawfoof gpj.60nawfoof gpj.70nawfoof gpj.80nawfoof gpj.90nawfoof
gpj.01nawfoof vaw.2ehtaerbyldrah gnp.1ecafrih gnp.2ecafrih gnp.3ecafrih
gnp.4ecafrih gnp.5ecafrih gnp.6ecafrih vom.iiecafrih gpj.80k gpj.90k
gpj.01k gpj.11k gpj.21k gpj.41k gpj.51k gpj.61k gpj.71k gpj.81k gpj.02k
gpj.12k gpj.22k gpj.32k gpj.42k gpj.52k gpj.62k gpj.72k gpj.82k
gpj.3pukcol gpj.4pukcol gpj.5pukcol gnp.1dar gnp.2dar gnp.3dar
gnp.1enihcamyrots gnp.2enihcamyrots gnp.3enihcamyrots gnp.4enihcamyrots
gnp.5enihcamyrots gpj.02niarret gpj.12niarret gpj.22niarret gpj.32niarret
gpj.42niarret gpj.52niarret gpj.62niarret gpj.72niarret gpj.82niarret
gpj.92niarret gpj.03niarret gpj.13niarret gpj.23niarret gpj.33niarret
gpj.43niarret gpj.53niarret gpj.63niarret gpj.73niarret gpj.83niarret
gpj.93niarret gpj.04niarret gpj.14niarret gpj.24niarret gpj.34niarret
gpj.44niarret gpj.54niarret gpj.64niarret gpj.74niarret gpj.84niarret
gpj.94niarret gpj.05niarret gpj.15niarret gpj.25niarret gpj.35niarret
gpj.4noisiveht gpj.5noisiveht gnp.1debut gnp.2debut gnp.3debut gpj.4debut

gpj.70musarorua gpj.80musarorua gpj.90musarorua gpj.01musarorua
gpj.11musarorua gpj.21musarorua gpj.31musarorua gpj.41musarorua
gpj.51musarorua gpj.61musarorua gpj.71musarorua gpj.81musarorua
gpj.91musarorua gpj.02musarorua gpj.12musarorua gpj.22musarorua
gpj.32musarorua gpj.10emutsoceruza gpj.20emutsoceruza gpj.30emutsoceruza
gpj.40emutsoceruza gpj.50emutsoceruza gpj.60emutsoceruza
gpj.70emutsoceruza gpj.80emutsoceruza gpj.90emutsoceruza
gpj.01emutsoceruza gpj.11emutsoceruza gpj.21emutsoceruza
gpj.31emutsoceruza gpj.41emutsoceruza gpj.51emutsoceruza
gpj.61emutsoceruza gpj.71emutsoceruza gpj.81emutsoceruza
gpj.91emutsoceruza gpj.02emutsoceruza gpj.12emutsoceruza
gpj.22emutsoceruza gpj.32emutsoceruza gpj.42emutsoceruza
gpj.52emutsoceruza gpj.62emutsoceruza gpj.72emutsoceruza gnp.1etacrufib
gnp.2etacrufib gnp.3etacrufib gnp.4etacrufib gnp.hdoolb 3pm.atled
gnp.1erah gnp.2erah gnp.3erah gnp.4erah gnp.5erah gnp.6erah gnp.7erah
gnp.8erah gnp.9erah gnp.10stcejbo gnp.20stcejbo gnp.30stcejbo
gnp.40stcejbo gnp.50stcejbo gnp.60stcejbo gnp.70stcejbo gnp.80stcejbo
gnp.90stcejbo gnp.01stcejbo gnp.11stcejbo gnp.21stcejbo gnp.31stcejbo
gnp.41stcejbo gnp.51stcejbo gnp.61stcejbo gnp.71stcejbo gpj.daolpubo
gnp.10edo gnp.20edo gnp.30edo gnp.40edo gnp.50edo gnp.60edo gnp.70edo
gnp.80edo gnp.90edo gnp.01edo gnp.11edo gnp.21edo gnp.31edo gnp.41edo
vom.reddur gpj.1hur gpj.2hur gpj.3hur vaw.yas vaw.gniyas iva.67-34-52-40
vom.ladiosunis vom.ldiosunis gnp.100_tohspanS vom.gniws gnp.1gniws
gnp.2gniws gnp.3gniws gnp.4gniws gnp.5gniws gnp.6gniws gnp.7gniws
gnp.1gnitset gnp.2gnitset gnp.3gnitset setyb eerf

more than the usual gender confusion as I altered alan (aylan) dojoji's
body with ready-mades and then removed them, so here are the results.
of course I was surprised. so this is the premise of a series of images
which might as well expand into something else, as usual: (falling)

plus a new insert into odyssey:

theory packed analysis

the physics engines in virtual worlds lead to holes and confusions; what-
isthis i don't know, something swooped by; it's probably one of mine
however ownership is defined; in telejump incremental teleports tending
towards the same location consistently jump the avatar around on what
might be considered an acre of space or so; the jumps appear random; they
have to be determined; there's no weather only whether; that's more
profound than it might seem to be; on first reading; after a while working
in these space you pay more attention to the tropes; i remember our first
travels in the everglades; we'd look at the alligators and larger fauna in
general; after a while we were down to the level of insects and periphy-
ton; our living in the world changed in relation to the increasing depth
of our knowledge of the land; going from macro- to micro-scopic; beginning
to comprehend the skein of that part of the world; in second life some-
thing similar happens but to a lesser degree; there's nothing all the way
down or rather the plateau is shallower; that makes virtual worlds all the
safer; not to mention the lack of alterity, at last so far; you can always
log out; nothing follows you; you're always already in the process of
being-born; there's no annihilation; you might disappear for a while; you
might in fact vanish; what jon marshall calls 'ascence'; the states are
always mixed, superimposed, in-between; but without depth; there's no
laterality; no continuum; so the symptoms themselves become obdurate; as
if there were a depleted and impoverished granularity to the world; that
granularity and no further; for that matter the physics itself peters out;
you wouldn't get for example quantum phenomena on the scale of the bit; or
at least you might get at best some sort of formulaic approach; on the
other hand the grain of space-time might well meet the grain of gamespace;
on the order of dozens of magnitudes smaller; where you're playing is safe
that way; there's no holes to fall through; games survive miraculous hacks
but they don't survive corporate collapse; except as remnants or reminders
of saved databases; saved in part; like the programmed texts in moos or
muds; so i'm a virtual-worker like a sex-worker or cultural- worker; so in
clearing grounds or trying out one thing or another i notice stuff; like
the texture moving by at high speed or the avatar telejump to nowhere as
if it were out of control; that's perception for you; one might think if
one believed anything that god was a game-engine; that's not in the
subjunctive; so a virtual-worker gives hirself to the game; hir safe-self;
there's no turtles all the way down; the void is parameterized; for that
matter emptiness; which takes on the quality of an ontology within the
virtual; that much is clear;

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