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January 26, 2009

Zebulon recording from last night

Here's a recording of the set Myk Freedman (lap steel), Azure Carter
(voice), and I (acoustic electric, tamburitza, ukulele) did last night at
Zebulon. The original recording was incredibly noisy - I did what I could
to sweeten it with CoolEdit. I'm quite happy with the music. In order -
all accompanied by Myk -
1 - w/ acoustic electric. This is the worst recorded - string buzz is much
too noticable. Fast tempo.
2 - w/ Azure, melody and voice, and tamburitza - slow then jump rhythm
3 - w/ ukulele - this needed a contact mike - I was thinking of Henry
Grimes' percussion along the way.
4 - w/ acoustic electric - high-speed quotes outside potential wells.

That's about it - enjoy - Alan

Weather, Sync, and Physics in SL

The following have come out of the show in Second Life -

ian.mp4 is based on Debris Field, the title of the installation - since it
was near closing, I took out a lot of the elements present and added one
which was duplicated - this was made for Ian Ah. There are about 100 of
these; in ian.mp4 the avatar travels through them. What's interesting is
the way they align themselves into two groups, at either ends of the field
- and the way the particles from the groups form somewhat random vortices.
You can see the alignment in sync.mp4 - I removed the particles for this,
so the objects are clearly visible and divided into two sets of equivalent
but out of sync motions. I'm fascinated by this - I think the field itself
must be divided into two different land parcels. So virtual worlds go -
they're stitched together. The last video, vortices.mp4, maps the weather
over the regions - particles cross boundaries without changing direction,
but their initial impulse comes from their parent region. There's a fairly
complex physics at work here - the vortices are in 3d of course, or 4d
dynamic objects. In a sense this is a computer modeling of a computer
modeling - the programmed space made visible by a layer of programmed
responding particles and particle generators.

So what emerges? Stitching, vortices, weathers without precipitation or
effect on 'concrete objects' (i.e. only on particles). In the future, the
stitching will cover larger and larger areas, precipitation will leave
floods, wind damage, and destruction in its wake; and grounds will muddy,
dust bowls will render the virtual land virtually fallow...

Below are some stills from the above as well as others of the elements in
the debris field, including a few of Julu Twine with different elements as
well. arena pngs and jpgs

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