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January 29, 2009

The Newborn Age

another masque for Alan Dojoji aka Aylan Dojoji aka Julu Twine; hir body
switched back to female (during performance), hir prosthesis switched back
to male. It's an uncomfortable image; a close friend in Brooklyn has
cancer now and this figure (in the sense of trope) appears to carry, not
sexuality, but death upon hir. It must be seen that the entire avatar is
prosthetic, that it breaks down into prosthetic and malleable parts, that
many of the parts are detachable, and in fact, that many of the parts are
detached. I do not dream of hir but dream through hir; as transitional
object, s/he returns the repressed into furious transformations of the
landscape - furious in the sense of quickly thrown up, in spite of their
complexity. You go in now and it's different than yesterday, you go in
tomorrow and it's different than today. As fetish-object, avatar and hir
space. S/he wears the space like s/pace, like cloth, action-cloth, flex-
bile prims (object-units). S/he's about the only identifiable element in
place. Literally s/he channels the show, pointing towards a place in
s/pace or thing - then adding, subtracting, distending, wryting, wrything,
among new or old objects until everything appears to gleam again or
respond in sullen misery. Kristevan semiology, grammar of tropes and
tropic grammar, s/he moves among the concretization of theory, stopping
here for a moment for a slim series of portrait-images on the ground,
beneath the surface of the sea, in the sky - in Second Life, it makes no
difference. S/he is always already newborn, refreshed at 60 hz, redrawn by
a distant machinic tended by sysadmins who never came close to hir image,
hir presence or coordinates, hir history, what s/he has accomplished as if
by hirself in an untoward or contrary manner.

Meanwhile closer to earth, Linux Journal has an article on SL and open
source, really elementary, but next issue promises more. I bring this up
only because of its description of SL art, which is similar to other
descriptions, and almost always refers to the surrealist/dadaist juxta-
position of objects and movements, bordering on fantasies. What about
this? Only that artists who are doing truly original work in SL - Gaz for
example - are ignored, while art seems to have shifted into fairy-tales. I
would love to see something in the more or less popular press about the
radical _alterity_ of Second Life - the ability to create ab nihilo so to
speak, not even from the ground up. The epistemology of the world itself
can be questioned, as well as s/paces and places almost inconceivable,
even as dreamwork, elsewhere. Enough with wings and sparkles!

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Subject: TAKE ACTION: Tell EPA to Control CO2

TAKE ACTION: Tell EPA to Control C02!

Dear Alan,

Last year, the Supreme Court said the Environmental Protection
Agency could regulate CO2 emissions -- but the Bush-cowed agency
refused. In an infamous memo, then-Administrator Stephen Johnson
ordered EPA to ignore CO2.

This week, President Obama stepped in and told EPA that, after 8
years of political interference, it's time to do its job again
-- starting with CO2 gas emissions, the biggest contributor to
global warming.

TAKE ACTION: Tell EPA to Control CO2


The issue at hand is a monstrous, 1,500 megawatt coal-fired
power plant that EPA is ready to approve -- without any CO2
controls -- on Navajo land in New Mexico. The Desert Rock coal
plant will inundate native communities with health-robbing
pollutants that cause asthma and heart attacks, and spew 12.7
million tons of CO2 greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every

Desert Rock is a centerpiece of Bush-era plans to spread coal
power across the land without regard for its environmental

But, we can stop this from happening, and, thanks to President
Obama, the EPA now must listen to what we have to say! This is
the chance we all have been waiting for -- to be heard!

We only have until February 23rd to speak up...So, please, take
action now to help build a groundswell movement in support of
controlling this plant's air pollution. Tell the EPA to impose
the strictest-possible CO2 controls -- making it the first plant
in EPA history to have such limits!

TAKE ACTION: Tell EPA to Control CO2


And while you are at it, tell the new EPA chief, Lisa Jackson,
to rescind that Johnson memo so that her agency can start
putting CO2 controls on plants throughout the country.

With this action, we are just beginning to take back control of
our country's environmental protections. Let's start now!

- Earthjustice
Because the earth needs a good lawyer
426 17th Street, 6th Floor, Oakland CA 94612

P.S. Every voice counts! Please tell a friend to take action!

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