The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

February 1, 2009

"When I am this tired, that's what I look for, erosion at the edges."

I didn't realize until I saw these, how exhausted I've been, how dream and
non-dream merge how virtual and real collapse into one another; there are
signs everywhere. [...] [ ... ]

[The ellipsis is the sign of a weak mind.]

worn out, worn out worn out

sleepy corrosion

dreamy dreamer sleeping, tissues, stairways to nowhere, but everywhere
stairways, and to everywhere therefore, filling up the pointilist
continuum, replete with stairways, tissues, dreamy dreamer sleeper. sleepy jpgs

therefore coming closer to that somnolent state closes to dreamy dream,
corrosive erotic death, virtual space-crawl in sleepy sleep exhaustion.

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