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Installation shots of a new piece new location

On the installation at OCAD Hybrid (more information forthcoming)
(thanks to Ian Ah) panel pngs panels pngs transform and Odyssey import

[11:07]  Flight Band: All Go
[11:51]  sensor: noone around.
[12:10]  There is no suitable surface to sit on, try another spot.
[12:21]  Alan Dojoji: There are two different land parcels here - each has 
its own weather
[12:21]  Alan Dojoji: so you get two different particle flows, storm fkiws
[12:21]  Alan Dojoji: storm flows
[12:22]  Alan Dojoji: The texture at the very end is different with 
different physics
[12:22]  Alan Dojoji: it's at the end of a stationary platform
[12:22]  Alan Dojoji: These squares revolve much faster than any raster so 
they appear irregular
[12:23]  Alan Dojoji: different monitors will create different 
[12:23]  Alan Dojoji: meanwhile the weather is away from the 
[12:23]  Alan Dojoji: I hope
[12:23]  OCADland Minotaur: They are rezzing full blown for me
[12:23]  >>> OCADland: Ellos son rezzing plena soplado para m�
[12:23]  OCADland Minotaur: no lag
[12:23]  >>> OCADland: sin retraso
[12:23]  Alan Dojoji: They rezz full blown - but their rotational sync is 
[12:23]  Alan Dojoji: They're even full-blown on my slow machine
[12:23]  Alan Dojoji: You should to be able to walk out on it
[12:24]  Alan Dojoji: The spheres generate these things - they're 
miniature reductions of the 40x40x40m spheres in the other show
[12:24]  Alan Dojoji: the blue textures were made here
[12:25]  Alan Dojoji: You can actually walk out on the rotation elements.
[12:26]  Alan Dojoji: The weather stuff fascinates me - from above you can 
see 'waves' form just like in the atmosphere
[12:26]  Alan Dojoji: but the split remains - it's a node - on the 
[12:27]  OCADland Minotaur: The object is in constant reproduction and 
prpaganda mode
[12:27]  >>> OCADland: El objeto est� en el modo de reproducci�n y 
[12:27]  OCADland Minotaur: but the scroll is one ended - meaning The End 
Of Times?
[12:27]  >>> OCADland: pero el desplazamiento es un terminado - El sentido 
final de los tiempos?
[12:27]  Alan Dojoji: yes and it's "about" sexuality, reproduction, 
[12:28]  OCADland Minotaur: Why is the Torah at the last chapter?
[12:28]  >>> OCADland: �Por qu� la Tor� en el �ltimo cap�tulo?
[12:28]  Alan Dojoji: the end image are of breasts being held/squeezed 
slightly - power or sex but not the Torah, anti-Torah at best
[12:28]  Alan Dojoji: it's almost phallic, bends different and remains 
more coherent than the other particle disseminations
[12:28]  Alan Dojoji: the spheres glow slightly as well, a kind of 
lighting an impossible path
[12:29]  OCADland Minotaur: The background of the particles looks like a 
rolled scroll
[12:29]  >>> OCADland: El fondo de las part�culas se parece a un laminado 
de desplazamiento
[12:29]  OCADland Minotaur: at the end
[12:29]  >>> OCADland: al final
[12:30]  Alan Dojoji: maybe a form of writing

[12:32]  Alan Dojoji: Should I cut the end off? (castration complex heh)
[12:32]  OCADland Minotaur: it is ok for now

[12:35]  Alan Dojoji: I like the idea here that the whole area up here is 
empty at least at the moment - and then there's a lever (reminds me of 
Carl Andre GASP) going out where everything occurs
[12:35]  OCADland Minotaur: but in the root prim is fine
[12:35]  >>> OCADland: pero en la ra�z prim est� bien

[12:37]  Alan Dojoji: I love this surface by the way
[12:37]  OCADland Minotaur: Canada
[12:37]  >>> OCADland: Canad�

[12:38]  OCADland Minotaur: Alan Dojoji (Alan Sondheim master net artist) 
will be working on new works above the Studios and has donated a new 
sculpture that is now installed on the Hybrid Conference SIM.

Alan's work on Odyssey will be taken down soon and he is working on a new 
work that will be displayed in the Hybrid Lab Gallery in the near future. 
You will find a lot of info on him
and his work via Google search and constantly changing work at

[12:38] >>> OCADland: Alan Dojoji (Alan Sondheim maestro artista neto) se 
trabaja en nuevas obras por encima de los estudios y ha donado una nueva 
escultura que ya est� instalado en la Conferencia H�brido SIM. \n\n Alan 
en la labor de la Odisea se tomar� en breve y que est� trabajando en un 
nuevo trabajo que se mostrar� en la Galer�a Laboratorio h�bridos en un 
futuro pr�ximo. Va a encontrar mucha informaci�n sobre �l \n y su obra a 
trav�s de b�squeda de Google y en constante evoluci�n en el trabajo

[12:38]  Alan Dojoji: Maybe I could use part of ourconversation as a 
[12:56]  Alan Dojoji: Are these at all useful?

[since then additional objects at OCAD and objects imported from OCAD 
into Odyssey - both sites feed each other - OCAD a new direction for 
me - however

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