The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

February 8, 2009

New Music

yayli tanbur is a turkish instrument with a 36" fingerboard and 56 frets
(turkish fretting); the body is similar to a banjo with a bowl resonator.
i love the sound of it - it's also on dotecho.

the curacumbus is a similar instrument with turkish fretting and a much
smaller resonator and fingerboard. it's a very fast intrument related to
the saz; the frets are differently spaced than the tanbur.

the sumatran refers to a two-stringed instrument from sumatra or bornea;
it's distant relative is the sarod family. i haven't been able to find out
the name of this one; it's small, boat-shaped, and fretless. the strings
are tuned in unison. the rhythms are beautiful.

the ukulele has a perfect fingerboard, allowing for more complexity than
cheaper ones.

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