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February 9, 2009

performance upcoming getting-up and go

performance getup and go with Sandy Baldwin in Odyssey exhibition space
(nightdream in OpenSim) sin pngs evening pngs

reminder -

We invite you to THE NOWHERE DANCE - A performance at Alan Sondheim's
Second Life exhibition "The Accidental Artist"

To access the performance site read more on: or go in Second Life to Odyssey directly -

Date of the performance: Wednesday, Feb 11
USA West Coast Time: 8 AM / US East Coast Time: 11 AM
Europe MEZ/CET: 5 PM / GB: 4 PM
Asia: Mumbai, Bangalore: 9.30 PM / Shanghai, Beijing: 12 PM / Tokio: 1 AM

Thanks greatly, Alan

Surrounded-by envelopped pngs
1 sunflower Aichi observing, surrounded by, Alan Dojoji
(Julu Twine)
2 debris and Dojoji in the sky
The instruments used on the recent mp3s

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