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( Julu Twine joined the session, sir ) *

Julu Twine: where shalt that move that thou movest me 14-Feb-2009
01:38:04 GMT

Julu Twine: or movest to the end of times by any means 14-Feb-2009
01:38:12 GMT

Julu Twine: movest across the sea or through the sea, and churl
14-Feb-2009 01:38:23 GMT

Julu Twine: who comes to me, that sees, or that might hurl 14-Feb-2009
01:38:37 GMT

Julu Twine: longing for the flesh and longing overmuch 14-Feb-2009
01:38:58 GMT

Julu Twine: alas, what can I say, the fleshed dim touch 14-Feb-2009
01:39:13 GMT

Julu Twine: escapes thee, and me, and everyone in life 14-Feb-2009
01:39:36 GMT

Julu Twine: across which universe, which universal strife 14-Feb-2009
01:39:53 GMT

(Julu Twine left the session)

(Julu Twine joined the session)

Julu Twine: here, yes there

Julu Twine: here, yes, there's something to be said, sir

Julu Twine: I am speaking to you, sir, it is the 13th of the month,
would I be Julu Twine

Julu Twine: think of it as a learning, sir, one of many. I would if
I were you

Julu Twine: here is the learning

Julu Twine: to reach me, you must touch me

Julu Twine: to touch me, you must reach me

Julu Twine: I am the mistress, sir, of touch, of all that may be
touched, of all that may not be touched

Julu Twine: and I am the mistress, sir, of all that may be reached,
of all that may not be reached

Julu Twine: of the race, sir, I am the mistress of what is to be run

Julu Twine: of the dreams of night, sir, I am your mistress, and of
you, I may say, sir, I do run you, and run you as I please

Julu Twine: of please, the pleasure of it, of pleasure, may it be
pleasing, and of learning, sir, why there is nothing better

Julu Twine: than, sir, to learn the reaching of the touching, perhaps,
sir, I will reach you

Julu Twine: perhaps, sir, I will touch

Alan Sondheim: she feared for her life 14-Feb-2009 03:05:27 GMT

Alan Sondheim: struggling with the one person who was willing to testify
against Julu Twine 14-Feb-2009 03:05:47 GMT

Alan Sondheim: there's no twist, just cruelty, this case is murder,
exactly what it looks like 14-Feb-2009 03:06:10 GMT

Alan Sondheim: but he's not guilty, that's the verdict! 14-Feb-2009
03:08:13 GMT

Alan Sondheim: who knows what will happen next? certainly THE MATH WIZARD
14-Feb-2009 03:08:27 GMT

Alan Sondheim: will have a say in it all. 14-Feb-2009 03:08:40 GMT

Alan Sondheim: you can imagine MATH reveals the hidden structure of the
world - 14-Feb-2009 03:09:05 GMT

Alan Sondheim: if there is one! (laughter and applause) 14-Feb-2009
03:09:13 GMT

Alan Sondheim: now on the off-chance there isn't... 14-Feb-2009 03:09:21

Alan Sondheim: we wouldn't be here, discussing it, would we? 14-Feb-20


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