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February 19, 2009

Azure Carter's blog:

From Azure -

I've recently started a blog (, so I can
have a space to share some completed projects and works-in-progress with
family, friends, and interested parties.  This includes songs, writings,
performances, costumes, videos, etc.

If you like Alan's work, my site offers another view on our collabora-
tions.  If you enjoy my songs, I've got links to them and lyrics and
explanatory notes.  I'm also posting about a video I am currently working
on based on the nature writings of Opal Whiteley, which is part nature
guide, part fairytale.  Future projects in development deal the Regency
clown Grimaldi and Pierrot, and the genres of psychological horror and/or
Gothic fiction.

Feel free to visit and hopefully you'll find something of interest.

- Azure,

some notes

again body/cyborg transformations masque pngs
still working w/ body images for a while longer

next step - almost invisible objects everywhere

older html - some older experiments with html
that still seem to be functioning

please check out

- the site probably won't be up much longer and I'm experimenting with it;
at the moment it has an increase in faces / spheres
you can still enter it but with difficulty
best to fly above
try turning glows (shaders) off in preferences / graphics /custom
try different times of day - from the main menu environment
try sitting on some of the moving objects, see where they take you
try clicking on some of the objects - they'll teleport you / bounce you

attached twist

yes well twist pngs - adjusting particle
generation over and over again, until this density is reached, drawing is
perfected, the sky becomes a magic slate for anyone to read

you see, writing goes against the grain of the sky / with the grain of the
sky, writing is this way, in dialog with "generated" weather. so dojoji
writes / wrytes and the sky transforms, dojoji is transformed by behavior
collision, nothing is perfect, everything conspires, who knows what the
result will be

yes well attached pngs - closeups of the
"attachment" which is generally the case (all limbs, all organs, are
attachments), as if there were a prime mover, ready to fall to the floor,
on male or female body, thing or lozenge. particle generation was turned
off for these images. it's the hysteria of the cornucopia, one is always
uneasy with these images and words

the twist images are beautiful, the attached bizarre, the masque uneasy,
the neoneo uncomfortable, the project most likely nearing end, the end-
time, time of experimentation, dawn of the dusk, dusk of the dawn, for
tracking track-track

everyone's given up on me...

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