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February 28, 2009

The sound of the Odyssey Installation: Azure Carter orchestra

Azure's sounds and songs are throughout the installation; I was finally
able to get a good audio recording (line in, into the a digital recorder)
- showing how voices are employed in the space, a rather beautiful piece
in itself. Do have a listen. (Changes in the recording are a result of 
moving through the space.)

Odyssey, what might be the last day (and altered again) at

image one

in a way everything in the odyssey show summed up here tantra nature
culture female male repetition singularity transparency sex borrowing
origination generation completion emptiness mirroring real collusion
emission spew convolution languaging inscribing trauma inconceivable
meditation quietude fury fierce visualization branching simplification
death portent body wonder womb growth fecundity safety sleep dreaming
wakefulness peace

Hi - Geoffrey Gatza of Blazevox - they did my VEL - will publish (for 
publish-on-demand) the a/d book Sandy and I worked on - my texts with 
Sandy's wrap-around. the text is a file, ad_rev.pdf, and Geoffrey needs 
this in a .doc or other malleable form, and I can't get this properly 
converted at all. If I save as .txt everything runs together, etc. Please 
if you have a way of doing this, let me know, and I'll send you the file. 
There are no pictures, but there's formatting. Any help more than greatly 

Thanks, Alan, please backchannel

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