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March 1, 2009

nodz!ng zt!rz finalhours pngs

zu!z!de = dze onl! meanz ov tzukzezZ !n th= l!fe, 01 haz a kho!sz uh!kh
= az v!nl az an! odzr, zwrve ov h!ztor!, neu or lozZ ov memor!

attakhmentz 2 avatarz !n rel uorldz, attakhmentz ov avatarz !n v!rtul

evr! avatar ne!dzr / nor, evr! avatar not both / +

hre + da, evrydz!ng laztz more dzan dze t!me !t takez a neutron
ztar 2 revolve

un!mag!nable fur! ov dze kozmoz, hre + da

dze kozmoz ov konjunkz!on, human-avatar ov d!zjunkz!on

zu!z!de movez !n uavez through dze v!rtul, nodz!ng zt!rz

Geoffrey Gatza has withdrawn his offer to publish my a/d text. Thanks to 
people who were helping with the conversion from pdf - I appreciate it, 
but it's a moot point now. Apologies, Alan

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I took down my installation in Second Life today and accidently took out the 
building/materials on the parcel next to it - I thought (assumed) I had full 
permissions for my area - the installation area - only. I went in with Ian and 
saw the mess; I think I'm going to stay out of Second Life at this point for a 
while. I did cover up the gallery floor - I was going to install something else 
there, and made walkways where needed, but some of the buildings next door and 
the three cars are gone. This stuff isn't in my inventory; it was deleted. I 
feel terrible about this - I had no idea that group edits went across parcels 
and that I had rights elsewhere on Odyssey - I thought Sugar had given me full 
permission on my land and that was all. But still it was my mistake. Gaz' piece 
is still there, the Dorkbot amphitheatre and surrounds are there, and the stuff 
in the sky is still there, but the white structure and floating cars are gone. 
I know we had talked about opening up everything to anarchic sandboxing, but I 
hadn't wanted this at all. If there's a way to roll back the sim, that would 
probably take care of it - in which case someone else should take my objects 
out - I don't trust myself doing that. In addition there are objects from 
Beavis floating about - the building was deconstructed of course for the show - 
and these are still generating particles, even though I took the scripts out. 
The Museum structure itself is gone for the most part, as it was when I was 
working there - I was going to put another work in (based on the work I had up 
in the OCAD Hybrid area that Ian said would interfere with student work - I 
wanted a place to show it, and was going to work with Selavy Oh there). I'm not 
sure what else to say - I think I should also stay away from the Ning forum at 
this point. The last thing I ever want to do is interfere with anyone else's 
work, even given an anarchic situation.

So that's about it, a dismal end to the piece. Please pass this on to any 
parties who should know about it.

Thanks, Alan, and apologies

my role in SL:
The sim has been restored, my piece, for whatever it's worth, is down.
- Alan

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