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i'm really feeling sick

tonight or i'd try and explain this stuff better i'm doing my best about
the trails it's an open grid thanx to selavy o. that was a pun ha ha fever
becomes me and they're like insect insect trails and red blurs = invisible
objects visible and talking to admin and twists and twirls nsect pngs

for some reason the word turf makes me laugh
i thought of a good joke two buddhists went into a bar and said nothing
well it might be better if they went into a cave or monastery or something
anyway one of them - anyway it could go like this
two buddhists went into a bar and one said nothing to the other
but because of english maybe the other said something
but then you might say that one refers to either of them and both
instead of one referring to either of them but not both
so the joke might be confusing to people who don't know logic
but the rest of us might find it funny maybe they went into a house
why would they go into a house or a bar for that matter
two buddhists went nowhere and one said nothing to the other
now it's just stupid and the joke's gone out of it
there's got to be a way to bring it back
i'm too feverish to find a way

the word brats has no place here

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