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Ontology Something or Other

Found 2 more emmiters today, Returned them to you.
I removed so many objects that I think they got lost in a server sync lag
and are showing up a long time later.
Also found 3 objects of mine that were deleted last week.
It is like time warp in the world...
Aliens appear
I saw that today for the first time.
Remember I rezzed your whole installation there as a test and then
had a hell of a time finding all the pieces. It probably is from that.
I left it there because I wanted to talk to you about it.
Very nice. Would be good to install it next to the other piece.
Found one of my pieces floating somewhere above the old platform - it's
mostly invisible but with particle trails. have no idea how that got
there but quite like it.

(SL discussion with Ian Murray)

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