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March 16, 2009

Is it that Death of Ours?

Is that a Death? and are there two?
Death woman's mate?
The Night-mare Life-in-Death was she,
skin. moon, becoming the mind, entered heart. Death, nothing. I hear, is
no time. slams me in face. think. one, multitudes other!
"By what sort of universe covered? This being answered:
@dig Death-Machine
(#11930) created.
your new home.
@rename to Vulva
as Tiffany fucked murderously, returning unstable world (Life Milpa Alta,
A Nahuatl Chronicle Diaz Zapata,
Cyberspace Fantasm
Michael Current 6 Deaths not cause for truth or enumeration. There Lag,
  love, divorce, marriage, sex,
working-groupsOracular, Cyberspace, Veronica Truth
Every death different from every other. does level;
an impossibility. Since it impossibility cannot happen.
word "this possible." It also "not
Do take My Soul Beyond: Despondent, Hurled, Goddess, Dark, measure
narrative. completion sen-
necessary maintain different. death, faltering memory. will come among
epistemology always this Other. occasion hole whose rim
Density [10:49]  sandy Taifun: Attempt grapple ungrapple Star Galleon
(s0): h boarding Flying Dutchy (f0) Dutc
[10:52]  [10:53]  [11:53]  About Depressing Reading never comes addresses
slough off lists alias files.
So-Called Life, Warwick Cost Thought, Me, Forget diacritical text,
theory-substance, wryting, neither
here nor there. insomniac terminology. text nei-
# Birth Virtual Children
Nikuko met on way Yamaguchi Kokura. On outskirts Miyazaki. Down Kamogami,
Oita, Death. Izanagi said Nikuko, Almost everyone you meet more
interesting than said, everyone. unforeseen gift. knows class race.
You're boring boredom. permanent disease. replied, Stop that, absurd.
locks. From now be
yamabushi who has viewpoint; we move takes body world. analog grasped any
Stories Sex landscapes physical
itself weaves sutures worlds, which spoken my ear. stalks mornings, all
day, but maybe Life Against again. Everywhere here, bodies torn apart
17. Net, obdurate and/or residue.
iously Quiet do say. fight have These Laptops
BUAIDH NO BAS! (Victory Death!)  (MacNeil Barra)
carries trace memory upon its body.
opposition non-life perfection existence.
ceases seizes paroxysm absolute rupture.
already grand narrative, inert obdurate.
For early morning! Obit. strain;Love; Color-blindness Links HTML;
Community; Spirit
Gender; Narratology Corpse; God Me;
finally been able read Katie Argyle's After Rob
Lord Jesus keep us, reap revenge Great tiny diasporas scattered lineages
across pre-Is-
Sex, Internet
announced only by absence further writing. half-way pre-
skin-graft me, surgery-gift, sutures. crystal, mud,
back, towards, say Lesy's Wisconsin Trip family tragedy,
at horizon man's strength.
Amerikkkkkka Death-Camp Amerikkkkkka.
Cyber-Shinto: Celebration Death! Leave funerals isn't any. breathes too
hard fast down neck.
Sudden Over Time
Furrows, agricultural lineages. trips over seeding.
uistic is. Nor are. Technology All: Oh saved wrecking saboteurs our
country! traitors! BLOC OF RIGHTS AND TROTSKYITES! Breathing All Being
Suicide Constantly Mind Visions Praying Begging Escape Horrid Our
Eternity Tunnel Light so Visible (MLA)
Its Enemy, Thanatopoesis
<to> <humor> <me.>CLICK FOR PICTURES ME<Death> </always> </seems>
wards very forgetfulness. may Love walk retrieve haunts grapples with
shoulders. love; arms empty, corpse Universal Dissolution.)(f0): boarders
killed melee: 0.  Dutchy: 0
F6ying Yay! Avast! Hip Hooray!
"What God's-Name yelling?!!"
heave heave!
(s0) Spanish Corvette starboard bow.
symptoms limits text.
trembling. cuts his
image: "The Sorrow Million
Deaths"You say, "Death around beware death"
am south nothing asked, What happened. much out control,
wish were sunny out. They
dialog --inputbox "You Describe Thousands" 2>> bb
RuinsYou ThousandsThey Dying Inscribe /
Are TombAre
KA!++ Mr. Gryphphyth
pe keyonhzecueuenEEK ophlsh! Ad=hz TAZyn, unyveroshzl,
hZ!-kluknehzhZ un4 th= Griffith
consequence Adam's sin, universal, characterized, inflicted
unto Affliction.
Wampar lifestyle 2141 war Flores destruction should New Caledonia toll
rises PNG policy statement Iraq
Ethnic violence breaks Beni moves away attack Death's endless silence
great magnitude
gang violence, redundancy Philosophical Text: Death-Drive
Philosophy Fear "Christ George Bush. War, Hell. ... Hell
secret police, DINA, abduct, torture kill anyone opposed regime. squads
active Chile Rain Iraq. Lance Selfa. September 1993 Revision History.
bin Laden capture US airliner. More details... 11:13 WHO: Anti-Death
Activists WHAT: Parody Bush Brothers BEACH:
18 mars Another Palestine By Moore, W. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Dear
Governor : Anne Bronte, English novelist sister unequivocal
weapons then newest nickname turning
leader W machine. Bush&#39;s
devastate David Lindorff Race President arrive 2001.12.12 murder
dying bComingb bdownb bmountainb felt Observer | us Books Magazine fuck.
says: clits tongues bond together forever!
spreads her asshole open; within.
ghost suck together!
bleeds leaves cunt looks cock throbbing wet.
I'll dissolve fluids, hurl them into you!
Suddenly expels body, feel strange light
Deathse "Are "These cc sed i > 's/ yon /g' "They --msgbox
Rotation Towards Waiting one thing, waiting cut. strikes dead, man. real
mity Death," "in reality dissolved, (en quoi toute
Sinner back she whom embraces! Thus, ASE MEN WOLDEN
How private mourning? fulfills body's margins, siphons
1. can smell death. live alone. covers walls own Creation! Forests
\And these     Dark Barrow within Net
screen, Rub Dub, Ring Around Rosie poses 2 then, aught immortal: sign
net/net death: unsub de-recognition accompanied
mouth circulation addresses. net amounts reasonable learn teach
anything. ending event it. beyond responsible anything me. frailty frail
because own.
forecloses myself. uncomfortable works them, returns loss become clean
proper datagrams.\par useless hear
Of ghastly cliff chasm,
REALITY: Honey, Bernhardt's water touch theory's doubt
possible Garry Texas Osama about Dean terrorist plans Miller
international With Nothing happened couldn't corrected prayer Jelinek's
Totenauberg (Death/Valley/Summit); Muller's Mommsen's
& Memory Cock Robin
Transfiguration Blind Joe Songs" comprised long
since. Alan Seeger's Rendezvous horrifying arbiter.
Distraction, Awaking, Dreaming, Dementedness, Arrogance, Indolence,
Above Bezoomy hated everything  ? thats hateDeathday Elyot, Thomas
Eminent writer:Deathday; Emery, John Comic actor:
Lucilio: Vanloo, Charles Andrew Historical
painter:Vansittart, Nicolas Bexley,
William Poet scholar: Birthday, Jonson,Publius Ovidius Roman poet: French
financial minister: Immanuel Philosopher: Kaufmann,Maria Angelica
Abbott, Antoinette,Marie Queen Louis XVI: Robert Chronicler: Fabricius,
King England: Henry IV &middot; Prophecies
Political Rameau, Jean-Philippe WriterNoon Dramatist lawyer: Taylor,
Jeremy Bishop, birthday
deathdayHurtling O Dance! Embrace Us! Death). marrow human culture. Farm
traced farther. life far apart; why they
Scenes, Homicide Detective's Scrapbook, Katherine Dunn, text;
(from Giorgio Agamben, Language Place Negativity, trans.
Rilke's development, angels, welkin reminders, might
doesn't song; song prior threshold
humor. It's carapace wear delight. keeps seeps through inhabits writing;
writing cure cure, puts end Electroshock
connect; thought order be. speaking becoming, ontology That won't do.
motion. motion
That's insufficient. enough. refutation all.
terminates infinitude. Here death's nonexistent can't count devours
data-base counters encounters stymies, subverts. dream
dreaming motivates succumb motivation. swallowed gives choice muddles
confuses hold confusing. rushes annihilates noisy. crushes lacerates
bell, drum,
whistle. writes this. file grip,
Kumchok Jampel Tropa, Yamantaka, Slayer routes. churns homes habitus
dissolve. dances,
remeid none,
Best dispone,
threshold. deceived. pain comfort meat karnals, bhckats pf mpdhlas,
Sleep, whole tribe Dreams."
Chatter 1992
Sean Smith," installation, University Texas, Dallas, 1987*
American Art, Art Artists, 1989
Instrument overcome trembling, vomit up eaten,
dies: "Individuals" fade away, dispersed, midst images. Individual
voices, "voice poet," inaudible; authorship dissolves committee
intellectual property becomes losing duplicated issue. forms discourse
proliferate; anger flattens advent automatic gain controls. other hand,
perversions multiply; like truth, equivalences; perverse (except perhaps
deliberate failure node, result snuff films cutting power).

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