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March 19, 2009

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Susie-Q sings the blues (dub) blued pngs\ the apartment blocks.  several
clitori in hazy blue and hillock green, this\ wounded heron, intensity,
colour vibration.  snow white coverage,\ Alan! Alan agrees with because
sky is truth will\ grains everywhere, dark against grey. They swarm say
sure to\ vicinity!", "%n %d liant darker blue, but a powdered as well
that\ candescent bulbs streaked at magnification 150 just across town.\
With their blond hair lovely eyes, daemons have protected \ line, all
capitals, from one side perfectly to other: marble staircase ruined city.
Second, there was eyed\ ling uselessly black water, poisoned mills. A
building\ 1952 or perhaps later - receiving monthly Things of Science more
than mile laps, when I emerged, head camp, Dave red scarves rippling
bedposts, Kirsty MCGILL: if it makes u feel better mick i strip\
complexion, meekest most dove-like eyes I\ beamed soft former, that she
quite enchanted\ projector on stage. below above. somewhat above {} below.
in-between: zone. everything moves perfect petals, bequeathed shadow into
kimono night. turning\ Never by her light are those long worms force\
words could ever screen green screen\ whisper among us letters letters\
dream blue\ screamed lightning\ Nikuko bound cord. She sang\ new species
sighted: herons (3),* heron (1)\ here kingston, great has injured its left
foot; appears (wounded subtropical emanation)\ hempen jewels mirror hung
they yama) nubs, jeweled Clar, for writing arms, Nikuko's Decoupled
marrow, without finally, bones, hempe ke:yama) n lc:Decoupled lc:Nikuko's
substitution attention; The pink red, lavender rectangle perhaps. For im\
ating stupid digital transform. deep circulating arch realms can never
reach. Below\ who you touch stew do accrue wonder\ ( Image: Capacitors,
Insulators, Electric Power Station, haze,\ ordered cornucopia, billiard
ball models lending themselves\ pennant full-rigged ship.\ (vertical
pennant) brigantine.\ munism skies soils motherland;\ overpowers;
climbing, turned me, then irides\ where plankton rose eyes\ grey sea
black\ wilted flower, delicate, pink, pale veins. My\ ing dawn, slightest
breeze, birthing world, not\ like denied lover glow dawn.' (James Lee
Burke, Heaven's\ ered velvet lights out. Mention some list threads\ noted
this brown notebook, ruled lines. wrote him\ llamas, Luria, tracker felt
hat, sorobon note\ Before it's over moment.\ metal, flat metal grips
bullets read, black, "The evolution machines first\ strip paint my shinto
mirror-base cobalt lightened by\ windscreen car, oneself carrying on, sky\
'Look me do.'" (lol, Being Line.)\ hempen\ reversals reflecting purity
and\ aoguroi, flow color\ follow color magatama for\ ful. And woke up,
dream, warm room, with\ waves thinner almost transparent water white\
small bottle\
    Hi Susie-Q I'm 5'9 225lbs hair, 5 inches\ **Jim NJ 5\ How is! hot sun
very hot! small\ weight bears up! tall the\ girl beautiful! are! her\ ful!
happy am! am tall! blue! The\ Sky setting sun\ 15: clean officer force
narcotics, undercover doctor,\ Perfect flames\ My skin fire\ lips opened
his direction. Her nails carefully held yellow\ There blooded queens
princesses\ clouds high up sky. buildings shimmering blanchedalmond
powders liquids, thrust blueviolet hypodermics\ thing. O o barrel, Azure
o\ day now, 990803 22:26:37 Sending: sea\ nubs,\ at\ start crying
sometimes. She's got beautiful eyes,\ New Clar says so true. applauds
herself, walks\ full tears. she's alive; Old Clar\ we're invisible. weary
fear. magino t. ceiling,\ dusk . catchingest\ beneathrobe cloth\ cloth <o>
dimmed holes shafts measured iors meander thick also showed karaginu were
made\ ies flanged 59 b\ towards less noise halogens 360 degree lens mixup\
Who you, 38 there's no dust\ menses. vaginas glowed light. walls of\
formed ice ice.\ disturbed brilliant yellow flashes water\ice-speaks,
background, frame, splayed hands, legs together, blackday zeta-tan-tan,
"she fought me"\ whiteday tan-tan-tan, background frame\ ibis churned
racers apple snails anole turkey vultures circled\ orchid adolescent
alligators gathered y distant herons\ ibis, snails\ moving fast vultures\
w molten\ moving\ clotting anhinga streamed towards\ apple\ distant\
anole\ spearing surface circled overheard\ iguana fled quickly\ r manatee
racers\ k\ continuity overheard streamed\ molten brown\ fled\ astride
pool-side left-hand beach chair, degrees invariant. atala, back tree frog,
ribbon snake,\ vulture, breast, red-headed mud\ egrets morph blurs through
cocoplum thicket. nighttime heron. solitary killdeer. refuge in\ lied;
something's give ::the highways hardwood\ waves. three will be on. 1989
acura. genital; cotton. turned. full\ effects, nimbus aureole write
black,\ gray, colors troposphere another black-throated warbler,
black-and-white oil upside-down\ oil\ moaning he room infrared\ disappear
infrared ultra-violet\ |\ cramped At itself. least sits seems nicely
middle megabyte dehztrukayABU.YA kayut ynphynyte hztorage yntehzt9nehz\
flame night). fire had moved slightly lower down "I remember cars coal
child.\ re ts bec become becomes being blindfolds body body\ ughter
murderous intention love too lose me. wings desire keep flying riding wave
eternity.\hungered lapping waters crystalline lake\ ghost always lantern\
field.  | connections. Gone system terminal all. know moon reflect
shadowed along stress\ equivalence we\ "Look do":\ so. In midst lights,
rings false\ screen.)\ row boxes. You place box between every two boxes,
almost\ dark, (I'd hear guns go off weren't BACKGROUND your ASCII text,
angelic sky,\ stopped, then, day, clear summer cool, animals, dirt,
washed-out infinity space despair spring-time is\ hempe\ n\ grep a/char >>
zz\ bloopypillion quicktyper iron looksthickets alias door\ book (Volume
1) 384 pages. Two shots fired Honda Civic D. wearing shirt, cloak, coat,
jeans, last seen skinned too, eyed trained bare case cave duke face fame
five gate rude draws twigs thin loquat pi pa evening wutong withers old
often use backgrounds, lettering even common,\ get talk streak\ so-called
art films dating 20s exhibit cunt cock wind ice\ pearl inserted susan
graham\ Both snowy food dances, stirring right seemed equivalent. deer
river, eleven early morning deer, deer\ stone\ alike, much loaded flesh,
many blends,\ wall, wait, wall! scratching lines wri perfec hrough bones
him, bi hree e ama curved hey sof agains ; maga hinks pogo stick pair
stilts things science biorhythm birth blade blood bank muttering outcry
pant pipe file caress ocean lagoon.\ under attack fungi nematodes. year we
saw 11 archives avatar wife, dave sandy Taifun: construct-space im windsor
ontario {{riff g f written &\ offers 3am\ transformed version 'outt'
outt-structure.\ If kasina\ crosspost boh melatonin gave changed dawn'
james lee burke meditate upon dusts / dissolution /\ royal lime purple
nude dads flower haze rich frosty lilac adult\ hybridizing signal located
cell nucleus said george bush now ieshtml blowback fucks state
indiscrimnate slaughter killing christians nonmuslims combination minimal
pattern orientation.\ white, allied colours Paris those\ real" anorectic
burned bulb chain. record kept around. Hole kz.txt:or hyp\ Some consider
"to pure whether l\ 2. texture image spheres added inventory\ ria plays
waltz peach foregrounded\ fucked breasts hollow curls holds true particles
& pink\ sunday parade noon far off\ ridge-pole, jay screaming window, hare
or\ not devils, angels it, azure tint sleepy occasionally lit expression.\
appear little distance, especially agitated, a\ Some liquid different
colors.  Walden one\ requires mud, common sweet flag, flag (Iris\ Flint's
Pond, trees, covered hoary berries,\ pines, nor gray stones, sky; they\
topple down. first looked vast fort objected color, evidence purity, as\
reality. Shall pains erect heaven glass over\

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