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March 24, 2009

boolean night and hurtled paths bool pngs
thanx to OpenSource, DC, Sugar, and Gaz all different

         waiting for late-night mail to arrive; on second thought
it is a nightmare in disguise -
through the dim dark night by the knight's despair by the armor there
Where down the river there is a gathering of knights and women, I think
the world's swollen slow breathing, day-night cycles, senescent rabid
break-night softly shutter our planet, and this is a privilege only
& good night, good night &
& we're barreling down the highway it's late at night
& night the rain the search dead cell phone & we're out of luck
& we're bullet hurtling night we've got all day
& i am frightened.
every night i dream of crashes, plane or car,
how useless it is to be a knight!
& late at night, late at night,
there are games after midnight after three a.m.

   katrina crossed the southern part of the state last night from east to
west & last night azure was sleeping, i moved close to her.

- antennas receivers frogs receivers - - night - frogs were frogs, trees
into the night, spoken-for, this last gasp, tremor, prediction, against
words that were never there, we're our shell, we're holding on

& keeping a look out for signals during the night.
& reporting back any keep a look during night & from me & distance - it
may happen tonight; it may happen tomorrow; or a century from now -
bodies - another one - & you might have already seen this
path, "nature path" through them.

at night, distant glimmers of eternity
on the nightmare cat
on the nightmare cat with two heads
and look into your eyes, endless nights of sunset dawns, and dual and
you close your eyes for still
greater nightmares and visitations. as you move through your daylight
hours, then Julu Twine, Julu -

Julu Twine: of the dreams of night, sir, I am your mistress, and of the
hypocrite who can't write obscene, I am a nightmare nation.

Hir dream:

"					and and can clubinged
dirty, clean, soiled, sexy, sleazy, nice, feminine,, Nightclub .: +
Nightclub .: +                ..Dark, Sexy, makes me read in meditation
Nightclub .: +                ..Dark, Sexy, calls forth with crawled,
in the cock, Nightclub .: +                ..Dark, Sexy, is ,    ],
Are you properly compiling Nightclub .: +                ..Dark, Sexy,?
theyre my fav band, and you are so fucking:Nightclub .: +
Nightclub .: +                ..Dark, Sexy,:searches: sexy, love, happy
Nightclub .: +                ..Dark, Sexy, on me..."

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Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 18:15:28 -0500
From: Brent Bechtel <bnbechtel@GMAIL.COM>
Reply-To: Theory and Writing <>
Subject: Open question for roomshare

Here in NYC

I moved up here with money saved but not a job (yet), thus I'm going to find a 
roomshare, month by month, in case I can't find any work at all (unlikely, I'm 
not too picky.) I'm going through craigslist right now, but thought I'd send 
this anyway.

Example: There's a loft available for April in Bed Stuy that I'm looking at 
tomorrow afternoon, Dekalb and Throop. A little later I'll start to get pickier 
about location.

Anything furnished between about 500 and 600 a month right now is good for me 
(looking for a place with roommates, of course.)
Trying to conserve cash, basically. If anyone has a room available, or wants to 
hire me for one reason or another, do let me know.

Best regards,

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