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Eifachfilm Cacirca's installation (and some changes in mine) in SL

There's an installation by Eifachfilm Vacirca in Second Life - if you go
to my installation at then go
to the area to the right with the strange texture - there's a three or
four story floating environment I like a great deal - do check it out - as
well as the texture itself -
might work directly. Sugar Seville did the ground, Gazira Babeli did the
meteors. Ian Murray's OCAD campus is in the background. All of this is
really worth seeing; I've spent quite a while with Einfachfilm's piece.

Some images of hir installation along with Sugar's textures and in
relation to mine at eingazugar pngs.

(Some images and video of the dynamic aspects of my installation as of
yesterday at - brb pngs and especially brb.mp4. All of
these are the latest, so at the top of the directory if you click the
date twice.)

Eifachfilm's installation exists on four levels, but there are ghost falls
reflecting the natural world, that reach the ground and below. It's spikey
and moody and it's good to stay awhile. I caught up with him somewhere in
my own piece and talked to him about it; it was about 3 a.m. my time. S/he
was in Zurich I believe and gave permission to include the following.

[23:57]  Alan Dojoji: hi - really like your installation - it's amazing
[23:58]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: tnx :)
[23:58]  Alan Dojoji: i hope it can stay up for a while and if you write
something & sent it to me I'd like to advertise it on the lists I'm on
[23:59]  Alan Dojoji: the detailing is beautiful and it's one of the few
things I've seen that works with nature in an intelligent way here
[23:59]  Alan Dojoji: it works well above Sugar's texture too
[23:59]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: it is very difficult for me to write about it
[0:00]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: its about cutting prims
[0:01]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: its about unique prims
[0:01]  Alan Dojoji: it's also about emissions and things that are only
partly there, almost peripheral I think
[0:01]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: about nature never generates copies
[0:01]  Alan Dojoji: but because we're familiar with - yes - and we're
familiar with romanticism so we tend to fill in the gaps
[0:02]  Alan Dojoji: azure and i go fungus hunting sometimes -
photographing slime molds and things - and this reminds me of that - you
stumble across small things that resonate
[0:03]  Alan Dojoji: and it's as if they're growing there instead of
possessing the kind of artificiality the trees have for example in this
[0:05]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: its like a musician
[0:05]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: i rez it
[0:05]  Alan Dojoji: ok -
[0:05]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: like a note i play in a jam session
[0:05]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: usualy you dont write it down
[0:06]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: it just happening
[0:06]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: some enjoy it
[0:06]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: some not
[0:06]  Alan Dojoji: it's intrinsic, not extrinsic
[0:07]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: a text about it will also give me the feeling
to cage it
[0:07]  Alan Dojoji: i mean what's present seems inherent, not
externalized - these sphere here are the opposite, they're following the
order of an avatar path
[0:07]  Alan Dojoji: at lesat with music improv - Derek Bailey for example
- there are writings about the music that don't pin it down -
[0:08]  Alan Dojoji: they're much more open than that
[0:08]  Alan Dojoji: i'd hope that good work here gives one the space to
think about things
[0:08]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: yes
[0:08]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: it happens
[0:09]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: people think a lot
[0:09]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: in here
[0:09]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: develop new social structures
[0:09]  Alan Dojoji: some do - some rely on easy surrealism or fantasy
here - i think most do
[0:09]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: and change em day by day
[0:10]  Eifachfilm Vacirca: it sthe pain you have to take with you

- Alan

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