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April 3, 2009

ghosts happened, what

death kills ghosts & death has no excuses & death has no morals & death
ghost suck together!
each day bypass absolute end valent kills ghosts excuses morals movement
eternity.\hungered lapping waters crystalline lake\ ghost always lantern\
the crystalline blue lake\ ghost is always blue against a darker blue or
death, gone, nothing else happens to the dead
but death, i happen upon its comfort. happy - this
an impossibility. since an impossibility cannot happen.
nothing is asked or answered; what happens is out of control,
gone, else happens woman, dead, women her, blank

may happen tonight; it may happen tomorrow; or a century from now -
[0:06]  it's just happening
[0:08]  it happens

what might be tendency towards death
is every death, a sort of covered universe
quite enchanted
on stage, a blue sky below, a red sky above, or somewhat red, or
somewhat blue below.
now the white zone, where all things move
or a mouse moves, or an animal

[0:07] inherent, in somewhat ragged style
now what is there about this and what there is, i write ekg pngs

still new work at

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