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April 5, 2009

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The Oddyssey Show going down in a few hours - last chance to see it

[11:17]  Sugar Seville: (Saved Sun Apr 05 11:58:49 2009) The giant devil
and the poor dead souls
I come to the place called Odyssey and very quickly I see some very scary
things that make me tremble like a cow who got cold milk. I see a terrible
thing which look like a giant devil that is made of all the colours in the
world and sound like a woman who keep saying the boy something the boy
something and I don't understand. All the poor dead souls float up and up
and one time I go too close and I go up also with the dead souls and I
think that I, me, Reinforcement Lemon, is dead. I get very sad and full of
panic. I don't want to be dead and I don't want to be at this place. But I
jump down somehow and get away and never ever go back there again.
[11:17]  Sugar Seville: (Saved Sun Apr 05 11:59:06 2009)

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