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April 10, 2009

Compression of Originary Bodies

Consider 4 avatars:
f, m, F, M.
F, M, full bodies,
f, m, articulated armature figures
M parents F: F(M)
m conforms to F: F[m]
f conforms to M: M[f]
substituting with liberty:
F in relation to M, M root:
F(x,y,z,t), where x,y,z,t are real coordinates in 4-space
now consider this a compression of an originary body, B:
B:F([m]M[f]), B in movement from two bodies F' and M',
independent of each other such that H1=F'(x,y,z,t)+M'(x,y,z,t)
H1 = bvh dynamic motion file
now there is a transformation function
filtering H1, resulting in H2
now we have B(t):(H2(F([m]M[f]),F',M',x,y,z,t))
in other words:

The phenomenology of the originary body is dependent on a transformed
dynamic movement file applied to the compression-avatars.

this says nothing mathematically (and is poor math at that); however,
it describes the site of intrinsic performance, evidenced in over.mp4

what does this say but movement files composed of many bodies are
applied to bodies composed of many avatars

we might think of such bodies as matrix-bodies or skein bodies:
what we are witnessing are communities of the virtual body, somewhat
equivalent to the body of virtual communities
think of these as dispersions and coalescences

correct my math.

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