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April 12, 2009

entirely different remonstances carrying

entirely different remonstances carrying
disparate event's burdens
unremittingly propagated logarithmically
simultaneously retaining temporal
framing outlining future past perfect's
mediated dwelling's inhabitants

"i couldn't believe my ears, slopeB is a masterpiece!"

fife life safe side sift sine sire site size wife cure fare fire fore
fume fur furl furs fury fuse lure pure sure

sew eye due ad cd cod do ed god it MD mod nd nod odd ode of oh ok old on
or OS ox Oz pod rd rod sod CA DA ear eat ed EGA eh el EPA era et eta Eva
ex ha la ma pa pea QA sea TA tea yea you yup sea to

sew Eli eye be eke he kb keg ken key kg km me re we
a fettle kettle little mettle nettle settle time
an Ben CEN den ed eh el end et ex fen hen in Ben Ben Can CEN Cent
CEO CEN chef Chen Cheng chew chin Cohen hen then when Con Den Fen
Hen Jen Ken Men Pen Ten Yen Zen den fen hen Jan jean Jen jet Jew Jon
ken men pen ten yen Zen
among ate be et he me re TA tb tea Ted tee ten TeX Tex th the tie to
toe tr Tue TV we pomp poop pop pope poppy pops PPP
DA DB dew do Dow Dr ed eh el
et ewe ex few hew Jew mew new pew sew we lays my
shoes shoo shook shoot shoots shops shots shows hem oat oft opt out owe
owl own iv mov of oh ok on or OS ova ox Oz TV
xv beer cheer deer hear hee heed heel heir her here Herr hewer
hexer hoer jeer leer peer seer sheer veer bee for
what ewe say butt butte butts bun dun fun gun hen hon hub hue hug
huh hum hung hunk hunt hut nun pun run shun sun tun un nee
knot four food fooled footed foxed mooed wooed and that was
the firers fires firms caret pare parent parer pares part par et par-et
now was the
beck deck heck neck peck sack sect seek sick sock and end fund
nd UID uCD un undo part their whirr drink
lettuce fide find finder finds fine fined eh tea tech Ted tee
ten TeX Tex th the harry hart formed
and firmed that was sew me med Meg Mel men mer met mew
do fob foe fog fop for fox fro ft go
ho Io no of so to Bose dose hose Jose lose nose pose rose
those toe toes tome tone tore toss tote and bind end find hind
i'd id in Inc Indy ing ink inn ins IUD
kind mind nd rind wind mooning mooring moving foal boa FDA foam
fob foe fog fop for fox boas taco tao taos TAs task TA so TA-so
taos TAs teas toad toads toast toes togs toms tons tops
toss tots tows toys to as to-as twas
summed summer sum me sum-me at gnaw gnu gnus endow Enos know now snow

leak leek LEK dews fews flews hews Jews laws LEDs lees legs lens less lets
lewd lewis lows mews news pews sews lewd are ere fare fee fire foe
fore for ford fork form fort four Fred free fret Frey Fri fro
fry ire ore pre re ii iii
mid midi MIG mil mini Mimi MIT mix vii xii

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