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April 13, 2009


smooth and eerie beauty among the hyperbolic function functions
murmuring and softly touching hyper pngs (very small)

broadcast debris

penomenology [sic] of the earth in relation to vlf and
crystal - how fields recreate a different mapping of
the lnet, [sic] encased in skein of radiations.
these mappings are always 'cleansed' - pure  no
matter what the ostensible content of the carriers.
from a technical viewpoint it's all modulationn, all
encoding. extrapoate [sic] from this back to visual
perception - there's that neutrality again.

buddha might have relegated suffering to the
broadcast band.

induction forms intimacies with the earth; crystals
are the fundamental filters, assigning direction to
topological space.

earphones etc. are nothing more than evidence; - it's
here tat [sic] the origin enters into the image - earhones
[sic] establish the origin: of the perceiver, but also of
he [sic] sgnal [sic] content and the beginnings of the location
of the signal itself.

loop and magnetism, but also loop and interruptor, [sic]
the self-containment of the loop.

the phenomenology of the ground - antenna system that
always points [sic[ elsewhere, ties the earth and skies to
their fields, extends elsewhere continuously

this tends to become too mystical, too much Heidegger
who might has [sic] well been describing early radio.

>> the idea is to listen to the weakest part of the
band, mplify [sic] until something, no matter what, is
heard - the potential well falls apart here - i.e.
the signal-to-noise ratio of safe information
collapses. <<

think of coils and communities

capacitors - inductors - proxiities [sic]

cb radio as relic [sic] community - how does this relate to
the net - cb hacking - ow [sic] does this relate to

what ould [sic] constitute mineral or organic inductors,
capacitors - was there physical circuitry before
humans -

class notes -
changing oline [sic] communities
changing media and media distributions
changing roles of cable channels
changing 'generations' and demographics

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