The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 14, 2009

brooklyn with the left eye

because i'm write/right/rite-eyed-sight/cite/site dominant and now forced
to use the left, camera tilting w/fixed-focus eye/I/eye-lens with fixed-
focus lens: what can go wrong? bundling up the color against a u-shaped
brightness-curve. because neighborhood brooklyn is spring/ing flowering as
such. but eye/I can't see what i've done, perhaps u-can. bklynd jpgs

not only have i taken site for granted, also rite-i-dominance. i think of
vision as byproduct, a peeling of the surface of the world/whirled, world
and whirled are me. with my left eye, eye had to search for the view-
finder; eye-hand coordination was non-existent, as was the remnants of any
horizon i might have held before me. the whirled veers, precesses, me
inside the schwarzschild radius. i can't say enough of the virtual; it's
the area or dream screen that carries entropy. check the equations. my i
holds off, peels symbol after symbol among balls and spheres. at horizon,
information is just out of reach, symbols peel off as memory, nothing more
and nothing accurate. they're heated. the hole collapses, bang boom with
untoward heat, forget it, just now, I read the text, and it was mine. At
least for the moment, pre-sent to present. Brooklyn's already disappeared
- I can't say enough about memory.

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