The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

April 29, 2009

with soundtrack, and staying around

serious family and health traumas all over the place going on
so I asked Helfe Ihnen to connect the tambura1.mp3 to the sim
so he said he'd connect it to the land parcel, which, what I run
so it's connected to what I run, which is that object there
so the object's linked and running full tilt boogie ahead now
and the words are moving like crazy and jumping around now
and the tambura's going downhill until the end of the world now
and I wonder where the next event will be
and I wonder how long until something goes normal once again
and I think who will be left when radiation kills the world
so once and for all I've escaped to pure processes
so I've got dynamics running on nothing but virtual particles now
so the downhill tambura tolls the wages of the world now
so the serious the health and the traumas so the downhill words
  are hardly audible when you go there to East of Odyssey now

in Second Life:
should work and turn your sound on, turn on your sound

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