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May 4, 2009

fifth solo most difficult of times

when beginnings fall short of endings
when endings erase beginnings
when origination is a memory of origination
when the end disperses for an other
when time penetrates galilean relativity
then and only then is everything beginning always
and what ever any of us think is only an afterthought
say things, surely i can't hear them
and then about beginnings and endings and originations
and then about time and origination's relativity
nothing anyone can hear but
there are beginnings and endings all virtual and lovely
and ragged strings and this sound for you for now
and it's called 'when beginnings fall short of endings'
and it's called 'nothing anyone can hear'

how to create unique sounds in the ukulele field

here in pennsylvania i meditate on memory and auschwitz.
my songs forget where they go.
something about a nazi saying jews have no pride, they sang
in the boxcars.
singing is memory slinging on the far end of a nucleonic string.
everything is ulterior to everything, no matter entanglement.
the discomfort of my work is the false comfort of my world.
my world is your world, is it not.
did i say more than this, i did not.

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