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May 6, 2009


quarterspeed ukulele
motionrapture / capture activities with wryter, body, efflorescence

i will return soon to theoretical philosophical positioning vis-a-vis
virtual/real/analog/digital for now must content myself and one of you
who listens to uku labor motionrapture interface tuning

god the arrogance of the above, as if what one, rather as if what i have
to say is of interest or consequence, not to mention use or some dark and
rough equivalence to memory of the real. i would not go so far, i puff
myself up heedlessly, swollen words fill greater space with puffery...

Levinas in brief

ukulele with 25% pitch lowering
the speed remains the same.
i'm fascinated by the 'lumbering' quality of the results.
it's as if one projects massivity onto the apparent materiality
of the instrument - strings as thick ropes, etc.
most of the harmony is lost or appears hazy.
physical projection i assume is _always_ present in listening.
it's strongly here.
who is writing about this? not even Helmholtz.
it's as if sound appears disconnected from mass,
just as philosophy appears disconnected from health.
here is a reversal then dedicated to Levinas' existence and existents.

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