The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

May 12, 2009

firm and meant

having been given the locus solus of a place empyrean within the firmament
surely to establish basecamp manipulations, here are initial setup results
which spew yes as usual but provide dance/performance e-poetry poetics
platform for future digressions, no matter how small or large fractioned,
at least for momentary production overflowing buffer and boundary alike.
these construct entrapment modules within which permitted dance/perform-
ance are necessarily displayed until avatar walks away, yawns, gets ready
for another emission-mototron. how trapped one is! a cage of one's own
protocols repeated uselessly as we have shown these many hours. behaviors
align within the wisdom of the old which rumbles tumbles along. this is a
continuous transfiguration always returning to the ghost of an origin
"sitting alone on a couch, reading and visible to a neighbor peering
through the foggy windows." an avatar in a virtual world controlled surely
by an avatar in a virtual world. avatar thought is always "caught and
bought." here things jump around the platform which seems to exhale, but
nothing very serious. aren't we all tried of psychogeography, don't we all
wish that something would, once and for all, break? if i'm not careful
we'll be that thing, the dance of the 'royal-we.' firmament pngs

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