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May 17, 2009


my head explodes like this and i can't get enough of it, there's never
enough of it, it's always falling down the edges, escaping from the
horizon, there's got to be more of it, it's got to come from somewhere,
i'm dreaming precisely this - that it's coming from somewhere, you know
where that somewhere is, you know what it's good for, it's good for
nothing, you know that's the truth, nothing whatsoever, it's good for
nothing whatsoever.

automatic family poem



stan, stanstan
, stan,
, stan

grouns. groungroun
s. grouns.
s. groun

har harhar






i, that
, that
, that

woul anwoul


theory theory

theory. i have also completely neglected what i think is most necessary;
1 theory is defuge and enumeration coupled with abjection and foreclosure
9 theory is enumerated
         there is no theory
         but wild theory
and law. experiment is theory- and measurement-dependent, event and world
   here later i will build upon penrose's 3-sphere/world theory,
perhaps the collapse is incomprehensible in terms of a unifying theory. an
onlooker floods, down up moo mexm highways smeared with theory, your
dyadic theories and laing - communications theory that specifies
an ontological theory of quantum mechanics, in which electrons _are_
   not as they _are not._
certainly we haven't made any contribution to physical theory or
ignore scientific theory, or borrow from it, on a simplistic or meta-
physical level, we do what we can, given the
issues of technology, multiculturalisms, and queer / gender theory) or
even virginia zwiki (theory) ... it's evolu-
tion itself, infinitesimals, particle decay, thom's catastrophe theory:

    programs i developed my confused fumblings with knot theory programs i
  my confused fumblings with knot theory  my
  my confused fumblings with knot theory
    have hurt and my inability to make amends the theory have hurt and my
  the theory  the abacus
  the theory

physical theory, the startling sound of a bird in the distance, echoing
    ... true a space-time theory of pitch and timbre based on
    ... space-time theory of pitch and timbre based on ...
machine becoming-woman. (it's theory, so it's ok if it's boring,
_that_ - simultaneous lewdness and de/production. cohen's set theory of
theory in this sense as a allegiance to dance or dance as an allegiance to
set theory
the imaginary, a signifier. so a signifier of dead theory. well, theory on
the cusp, that is, before networking. or theory which is networked, but
threshold, theory before, that is theory prior to, the threshold. not an
air, metal, wood. is theory ever final.

there is no _theory_
of war or hate, of the philosophy of culture, of media theory: all are
automata; it's classical theory. in any case, as far as i can tell,
   since a given
transition will occur, i.e. this isn't queuing theory. so one might make a
philosophical theory of knowledge, ie, the study of knowledge. ontology is
the theory of the nature of being and existence, ie, the application of:

rewrite: ruleset   0   input: travis @ theory . hashish . net
rewrite: ruleset  98 returns: travis @ theory . hashish . net
rewrite: ruleset  90   input: theory . < hashish . net >
rewrite: ruleset  90 returns: travis < @ theory . hashish . net . >
rewrite: ruleset  95   input: < > travis < @ theory . hashish . net . >
rewrite: ruleset  95 returns: travis < @ theory . hashish . net . >
rewrite: ruleset   0 returns: $# smtp $@ theory . hashish . net .

think of
chain mail theory from the violence of the mail, a rewrite of theory: the
ceiling is a semi-oval. i worry that theory has already corroded me, that
theory forms something to be said. the edge thins to non-existence, in
and against theory, against all theory of whatever persuasion, to be sure,
violently against theory against all theory of whatever persuasion against
performance, sport, theory. but it's a question
inspired by string theory.

   this video has eleven dimensions
back to them, string theory makes the poem
theory hard and solemn
theory cold and wondered
life nor death.

   i eat fast. i never sleep properly. i dream theory and metrical
phonology is a phonological theory concerned with organizing
example of the "fragility of good things" in catastrophe theory - if
i'm thinking of a theory but the theory falls flat-euclidean. reading a
10 (ten). think of such well as strange attractors in chaos theory accom-
panying psychoanalytic theory), but this need not be the case: given what
is in reality, a theory is embedded in the following, thinking through
theory: topology and topography, topography and topology, that's all.

that's all of theory theory.

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