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Thanks to Hans Brandeis, I was able (more or less) to repair the Philip-
pine boat lute, which most likely is a T'boli hegelung. I added three
frets and a fine-tuning mechanism, and Azure attached the tassel. I
changed one of the two strings to a b/h and tuned the drone an octave
lower. Finally we found a matching mirror for one missing, and I waxed the
body. I placed the frets according to harmonics, keeping the lower four
(including the 'zero' fret, which acts as the nut for the playing string)
more or less in the position they came in. The replacement frets were made
from beeswax and bamboo; Azure painted them, since black beeswax wasn't
available. In any case here are some images of the (somewhat) restored
instrument, as well as two pieces, the second based on a riff of the

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