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May 24, 2009


String theory knocks a loop into analog/digital, nothing remains certain
that is one way or another, what occurs can be read accordingly pre/sent
or sent/from. Holographic theory knocks a loop into ding-an-sich, / Ding
an sich Ding an sich is unknowable though certainly /: The roads to the
visible real are tortured, one can't say anything. This is the dead-end of
philosophy, with the exception of the social - you have justice and ethics
beneath the aegis of situational heuristics, but one ultimately appeals at
best to primatology without teleology or theology. What happens to the
episteme, epistemology, around the circuits of a black hole? The ontology
of strings and information scattered (presented, coded, irretrievable)
might as well devolve into mathesis where ideality itself is problematic:
At the end of the day, nothing remains, but everything is present; nothing
is everything, and so forth. The broken ontology of the middle way is
broken in another and more radical way: Nothing can be said, because what
there is, is literally unsayable. Try translating equation into language,
language into everyday doxa, dark matter into descriptors, descriptors
into primitives, primitives into foundations. Give it a go: That the movie
we watch is ourselves watching the movie, that projection is sourceless,
that every four vector carries the potential of an imaginary. There's no
'it' to go farther than this: We are the dream-screen of an unconscious
universe, no matter how far, how many conventions, dimensions. Convention:
What we call as a past posterior. Accountability: Unaccountability. It's
the knife-edge of good things in catastrophe theory transmuted through
classicism into the anthropic principle, mythos of origins. Cause and
effect: Scattered. Hallucinated projections named 'real' by hallucinated
projections. The buildup of dimensions, topologies, branes, dark-matter,
virtualities: No buildup at all, the baroque edifice of something given
meaning by something naming by some fantasm or an other. Membrane/brane
among Planck's lengths, masses, times, embedded seethed or froths as if
non-embedded. You can always: Add, subtend, augment, the pressure of
mathesis, eventually loose consistencies, heuristics, seem to dominate:
The four-color theorem as example. What of this? In the small: Classical
logics, set theories, Ptolemy and Kepler: Reductions because math can do
that. Divide and spread, emit, spew, sourceless, targetless, broiling,
then what might be phenomenologies of coagulations: Maybe Wolfram's
automata giving shrift to these, cells falling apart, failing, location-
less. So we're: Present and accounted for as-if 'among us': Therefore a
literary as if 'object and process' or one or another ontology, creaky but
functional epistemologies: As long as the hallucinogenic withdraws,
'doesn't look too close,' as if 'there were looking,' as if 'there were a
ground of one sort or another,' of which: None of these, they're knot.

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