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May 25, 2009

World ii

Fields appear to have no touch, nothing germane to the body; one thinks of
action at a distance because distance seems emptied. Heat transgresses for
example; nothing happens in mediated space. Magnetism implies qualitative
distinction; the field attracts or repels, depending on polarity and just
what is brought into the vicinity. An approach may be +/0/-; two out of
three attract. Epistemologically, ontologically, difference is drawn out -
here is something out of the ordinary, perhaps non-Aristotelian, who
knows? In any case, it's neither 'spirit' nor a thing of the world,
although clearly it is of the world, within the world, part and parcel of
the real. No hands push or pull the metal; were it not so common, it would
be miracle, but it seems to 'come along with' everything familiar. Even
boundary is contradicted, and one might be sure that the attractive
impulse, presence, is there, even in the absence of the Other. It just
_is._ This should, except for that familiarity, already have signaled a
break, bringing the edifice of thing and logic down. How is space and time
- how is space-time - when something so common is there that is not within
as an object is within, that is not graspable, except by effect? Energy
already seems something other than the world's thinging, yet just as
concrete. It's not far from these considerations to an aporia of three-
dimensionality, not to mention mass, image, light, heat, all those spatial
fillings that seem neither possessed of projection or ordinary physical-
ity. The clues are there, have been there. Yet again, the dream is an
Other whose ontology isn't simply a mapping for or against a real (which,
yes, might be the dream itself) - we're back where we startled from,
making harmony and fit where none exists in the life-world, where bridges
are ad-hoc at best, still taking on the characteristics of extensions and
truth. Then there's dirt, filth; I remember Socrates' bypassing mud as
ideality - already a fly in the ointment. What simmers beneath the surface
isn't just abjection; it's also froth, roil, wisp, membrane, magma, clay,
plasma, species productions and particle rains. And it's here that the
dissolution of things is the clearest, that humans are capable of tempor-
arily reining-in, a momentary act of meaning-generation. Yet we're invaded
by our knowledge; our projection bodies are processing, in the process of,
corrosion, of being-vanquished, of always already disappearance of memory
and noise. When lines are drawn, analog/digital, they're dependent on an
alien phenomenology of potential wells: Existence is always bypassed, and
bypassing characterizes existence. Fielding and being slough and incohere;
to be sure there are formings and swarmings and no one can say much more.

A Life History Performance

Alan Sondheim and Sandy Baldwin
Performing in Barcelona and Second Life, 1630 hours Eastern Time, May 26

Witness the carapace of appearances, the wildlife exhibit, the shell and
script of avatar bildungsroman. Alan Sondheim and Sandy Baldwin emanate
with extra-ordinary langauges, disorderly conducts, and shamanistic

Performance as part of E-Poetry 2009, in the Bar-Cockteelaria Milano in 
Barcelona, Spain, and in Second Life at the the following SLURL:

(This may or may not work - if not, just look for Alan Dojoji and ask for
teleport. Time slightly variable.)

Note: the performance will state at approximately 1630 hours New York City
time and conclude at approximately 1730 hours.

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