The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

A Life History Performance

Alan Sondheim and Sandy Baldwin
Performing in Barcelona and Second Life, 1630 hours Eastern Time, May 26

Witness the carapace of appearances, the wildlife exhibit, the shell and
script of avatar bildungsroman. Alan Sondheim and Sandy Baldwin emanate
with extra-ordinary langauges, disorderly conducts, and shamanistic

Performance as part of E-Poetry 2009, in the Bar-Cockteelaria Milano in 
Barcelona, Spain, and in Second Life at the the following SLURL:

(This may or may not work - if not, just look for Alan Dojoji and ask for
teleport. Time slightly variable.)

Note: the performance will state at approximately 1630 hours New York City
time and conclude at approximately 1730 hours.

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