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May 27, 2009

New Jewels in the Metaverse

Sweeping everything aside and starting over.
Things are ephemeral of course, but ephemerality is imminent,
Particles among particles, or fields, or anything else,
neither this nor that, not both this and that:
The entanglement of the Sheffer stroke and its dual.
The particles have more or less specific lives.
Memo to self: make these half-lives, bring probability in.

The _bridge_ is the difficulty moving from _description_ to
_phenomenological theory._
"Here I am: I made something, let me tell you about it."
"Metaverse says: Making and unmaking, telling you nothing."
"No I, something, you, metaverse, nothing."
"Yes, now and to get on with it:

The _bridge_ is the difficulty moving from _description_ to
_phenomenological theory._
Otherwise _this_ describes nothing more than an instantiation.
The _accurate_ performance is a _mess._
A stupid question: Does the universe perform? Now if one considers
perhaps 10^500 universes, the metaverse, one can rephrase: Does
the metaverse perform?
Well the metaverse performs for itself.
And the metaverse is its performance-for-itself.
Which is no performance at all, but roiling.
Therefore the metaverse performs in our heads which are subjects
of metaverse performance.
Yes, well, this is the tenor of all. Tenor of all of what, how can
we do anything but continue to speak in a projected night
projecting cold; hereabouts, one might speak of the _project_
of the night.
The project of the night is our performing performance; of course
it is _our_ project.
One wants to make it clear: This is the intellectual property
of the metaverse.

After the performance, these images. (changed) newexam pngs

And I think about _the slush fund of neutrinos._

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